Some Important Things about me

My   Mission  in life is to nurture to greatness those that are ready to grow and be authentic.

Movement   I wish to create through my business is to empower all women to wholeness, authenticity and personal awesomeness where they are able to naturally, completely and freely express love towards themselves and all others creating a beautiful ripple effect on our planet.

why I do what I do

I understand what it's like to doubt yourself and to feel like giving up, I've been there too.
I've overcome crippling self-doubt after 26 years of daily abuse. And because I've overcome it, I know you can too and I know how to help you do that.
Over the course of my career, I have invested close to $200K in trainings, certifications and self-education. From programs like ISA (Institute for Self Actualization), Landmark Education, Tony Robbins seminars, Wayne Dyer, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Energy work and so much more. Year & years (35+ to be exact) of various trainings. My formal Life Coache training was from CTI (Coaches Training Institute).
I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the country and facilitating their self-growth since 2000. I have helped numerous professional, high-achieving women overcome self-doubt and turn around their businesses, their professional life, their relationships and overall quality of life.
If you are feeling dis-empowered in any way, my services aim to introduce clarity, self-motivation, self-knowing, self-love and self-expression. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.
When you say yes to working with me
I want you to know I am all-in.
I want you to succeed!!
My promise to you
I will walk this path with you and help you feel heard, seen, championed, inspired and expanded.
My ultimate goal is for you to know, in your heart, how truly amazing you are, and from that place, you will create a
  Magical  Life!

How I support you

Taking my 35+ years of personal development, I have created a method that is both belief and behavior-based. It addresses the skill set as well as the mindset. I believe in providing an oasis for busy professional women to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own greatness, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.

I have created a 3 step approach to helping you uncover blocks, eliminate them and release your true inner strength.

I call this method DUO.


Incorporating specific exercises and visualization techniques, we will look down inside your experiences, your past, your childhood. There we will uncover the source of your inner villain that is robbing you of your strength and confidence. Knowing this gives you great power and the ability to separate who you are now from the experiences and emotions that are creating the doubt in your life and stopping you from your greatness.


Tapping into your highest self, through visualizations and various methods, you will discover your true strength and what's truly possible for you.; from this place you will create a completely different vision for your life and I will teach you how to live from that place.


To further strengthen you and give you deep inner peace, you will learn the power of community and a spiritual practice. When you incorporate these in your life, you will know that you are always guided and are never alone. This will be an enormous source of strength for you.

(NOTE: this is NOT a religious practice and can fold into whatever beliefs you hold. If you are extremely  religious and not open to new concepts or if you are not spiritual and are NOT open to this concept then I am probably not the right coach for you.  I believe a spiritual practice and connection to a community is paramount for a successful personal and professional life.)

Some other questions my clients want to know...

1. My Ideal Clients Most Challenging Problems are that their life is unfulfilled. They doubt themselves and wonder why they continually run up against their fears and limitations that keeps their life from being what they had dreamed it could be. They are sick and tired of tolerating their pain, dissatisfaction and frustrations. They are ready to do the work to make their life a masterpiece beginning with themselves.

2. My Ideal Clients results after working with me are that their belief systems will support them in having their best life where they get to be authentic, feel empowered and self-loving with the joy and spontaneity that real confidence brings. From this place, their choices and actions create the life and success they have been dreaming of.

3. The reason I am in this kind of business and the change I want to see in the world is to elevate women to their highest potential so they step into the life they were meant to be living. By expressing their awesomeness through the love they spread on the planet, they become a wonderful role model to their children, other women and all who they impact. This creates a beautiful win-win in our planet.

4. If I  could change ONE thing in this world before I transition, it would be to elevate the collective consciousness so that we all know and feel that we are all connected, that we all matter and that love changes everything.

5. What is happening in the world that pisses me off is the staggering number of teenage suicide, children bullying other children, parents not present to their kids, people giving up on their dreams. The amount of unrealized potential, and how many have just resigned to 'what is' in lieu of their dreams. The feeling of 'what's the use' is painfully reverberating on the planet. The disconnectedness created by the ego that separates most from their soul and keeps them from realizing their true essence.

6. Who I am is a person that has experienced the transformation from painfully stuck in ego, to living primarily from my heart for my own benefit and for the benefit of others. What I strongly believe in this world is that we all need to be part of the global change we seek – we each must elevate ourselves in order to rise to the needs of the whole. Through our own love we create more love.

7. What I consider to be my best wisdom and knowledge is my 35+ years I have invested in my personal development and evolution and the 180 degree transformation I have realized as a result.

8. The 3 biggest challenges of my life have been...

  1. Surviving 26 years of daily abuse and learning to forgive and love

  2. Overcoming the devastation of a broken marriage

  3. Rebounding from losing a 17 year relationship, my home, 3 dogs, my security and my mother within a span of 6 months.

If you resonate with who I am and would benefit from the nurturing and guidance I can offer you, I would love to discuss possibilities with you.


The decision is yours. Do you want to invest in yourself and your future? I am here for you. 

Regardless of your decision, I KNOW you are more awesome than you can possibly imagine!! My greatest hope is that you discover that for yourself and from that place go on to create the life of your dreams so you can be a force of nature on our planet.

Love and blessings,


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