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Does the life you DESIRE and DESERVE elude you?



  • Feel insecure, doubt yourself, and hold yourself back from your TRUE potential?

  • At times feel downright unfulfilled, question if you really have what it takes, and wonder if there's something wrong with you, even if you have had success in the past?

  • Push yourself hard to do more, work harder, try harder only to find yourself feeling completely drained and deflated?

  • Panic and feel like everything in life is broken and needs fixing.

  • Run in circles trying to find the right idea while your ‘To-Do’ list grows into a monster ‘Can’t Get-it-done” list.

  • Feel unsure if you are on the right path or taking the right steps.

  • Feel stuck, going through the motions, not really sure what you want, what you need, or if you're on the right path?

  • Feel incredibly alone with no one to understand you or provide any reassurance?

  • Feel anxious, afraid, reactive and sometimes can't fall asleep because your mind is racing?

  • Go from one bad relationship to another wondering why you can't seem to find love?


Consider this...

900 Million

peole on the planet reported feeling unfullfilled

of people admit they have self doubts

of relationships fail within the 1st 2 years

And it’s not because they aren’t working hard to change their life. 

It’s that so many of them are working hard on the WRONG things. 

They believe they have to fix themselves, that there is something wrong with them

Here’s the reality – What you’re doing isn’t working. 

All the self-help, seminars you've attended and books you've read

aren't getting you the results you want because they don't provide a complete and CLEAR roadmap. 

And if you continue down that road, you’ll continue getting the same results

and end up like the STATISTICS ABOVE.


  • Feel secure, trust yourself, and live from your TRUE potential.

  • Be fulfilled in every area of your life.

  • Have healthy boundaries that leave you feeling balanced with time for work, time for play and time for yourself.

  • Be at peace and know that everything is just as it should be.

  • Trust your ideas and feel certain that you are on the right path or taking the right steps.

  • Feel fully alive, present to life and knowing you have what you need.

  • Feel supported, understood and reassured.

  • Be at peace with life, trusting your path so much so that you fall quickly asleep every night.

  • Be emotionally strong and able to appropriatley respond to situations that used to trigger the worst reaction in you.

  • Find the love you seek within yourself so you can attract the exact match in a healthy relationship.

  • Have unshakable faith that gets you through anything life may throw at you.


me transparent backgroung.png

Hi! My name is Elena

The ROADMAP you have been looking for



For years I pushed myself harder than anyone. I worked insane hours to meet every crazy expectation, meet ridiculous deadlines, and made myself exhausted.

Because I had a very traumatic life, was beaten down, and left with no worth or sense of direction, I tried to create it from the outside. I worked so hard to disprove those early messages of worthlessness, to find my value and purpose through others. 

I was lost.

I spent 30+ years and A LOT of money healing my trauma and PTSD. Many years of therapy, coaching, hundreds of seminars and workshops and a gazillion books helped but nothing was complete. I still struggled with self-worth.

I even became a coach to put all my personal development work to use. 

Then, in 2016, the rug was pulled out from beneath me. Everything I loved was taken from me including my home, my precious dogs and my beloved mother, all in a matter of 6 months. I was broken and this time, everything I knew to do was not working.

I had to find an answer or I would never get back up.

I would later realize that God was stripping away my created identity so that I could find my TRUE self.

I began the deepest healing I have ever experienced, and the greatest transformation took place.

I found the thing that most search for their entire life. 

I found my worth, self-love, and my value. Everything changed from there. 

I was finally able to quiet my mind and live from my heart.


It's what everyone wants - to know they are worthy of every dream God placed on their heart and to love themselves at the deepest level of their soul.

To allow inner peace to wash over them and become the very being that 

attracts all they desire.



And that’s what my AWESOME YOU Program is all about

Here’s what you get access to in the

Awesome You Program


Evaluate where you are now and what is currently not working.

  • Establish the starting point

  • Learn what controls reality

  • Create a tension gap to your desired future



Understand how beliefs work with RAS to hold your reality in place.

  • Learn how beliefs are created

  • Discover your anchors

  • Determine what thoughts will create your desires


Expand your awareness of self and let go of the FALSE self.

  • Explore the different 'yous'

  • Meet the authentic you

  • Learn to anchor your new identity for a changed life


Create your highest vision from your new identity.

  • Explore new possibilities

  • Identify the power of 'why'

  • Craft and integrate the new vision for your life





Emotions & energy

Learn the energetic nature of emotions, how and why you must harness them.


  • Understand what emotions are

  • Discover your energetic vibrations

  • Create a structure for new emotions

words & energy

Understand the power of words and how to use them to empower you and create your desires.


  • Identify your language limiters

  • Discover the vibrations of words

  • Create your word protocol


Discover the most powerful paradigm that may currently be sabatoging you.


  • Identify your identity creators

  • Shift into a powerful language

  • Create a new empowering paradigm

the power of habits

Understand how habits hold routines in place and can lead to desire disruptions.


  • Learn why the brain creates habits

  • Identify you desire disrupters

  • Modify & create powerful habits





Connecting to the source of power will remove overwhelm and multiply your resourcefulness.


  • Learn your connection to all

  • Discover ways to connect

  • Experience samples of connecting

the magic of truth

Understanding how truth impacts you self worth is critical to living in an  empowerd way.


  • See the connectiong of truth to worth

  • Discover your truth meter

  • Create an empowering truth oath


Explore forgiveness, what makes it so difficult and why your evolution requires it


  • Learn the soul's connection to forgiveness

  • Discover Soul Contracts

  • Identify what needs forgiving


Review your lessons and place them in the context of your highest possibility for living


  • Learn how all modules fit together

  • Discover your highest calling

  • Create a ritual to celebrate you





Here are some of the benefits past clients experienced

2023-01-29 (1)_edited.jpg

In their words

2023-01-29 (2)_edited.jpg
2022-06-14 (2).png

Terry Ream
Life Coach

Prior to joining the Awesome You Program, I was stuck; something was holding me back, and didn't know what it was...I wanted to figure out my limiting beliefs. Through this, I found that I was hiding and not using my voice or being visible.  I figured out I needed to be courageous. This program was a great decision because I learned something new in every module; Elena is amazing in articulating the information and sharing her experience. I would tell anyone considering joining to do's life-changing!


Anne Drazba

Prior to this program, I lacked confidence which impacted my ability to try new things. It also created a lot of fear in me. Learning about RAS has helped me understand a lot. I was only seeing things I was unable to do. Since this program, I have continuously seen my successes. I don't have the same limiting beliefs. I have so many tools that I enjoy using. I take pride in my morning routines and making time for my meditation, gratitude, and journaling. Elena is such a wealth of information and has taught me so much. I would recommend this class for individuals who want to make positive steps in their lives but don't know where to start. This class will give you tools to connect with people and your soul.


Megan Sotver

Before joining this program, I did not like my job and it made me unsure of myself and my abilities. I was not very confident about myself or my relationships with other people.  I found the lessons about affirmations and positive self-talk to be the most valuable. I now understand that my words impact my beliefs about myself. If I affirm myself and speak positivity and confidence into myself daily, then I will show up with those qualities in the future. This program has really changed the way I view my ability to change my future or pave my own path. This information has been soooo helpful and I am so happy that Elena has shared this information and taught this program.

Untitled design1.png

Ruba Almasri Zanaid

Prior to this program, I was at the lowest point in my life, the darkest space I have ever been to, the strangest pain that I had to face. What I found most valuable was all the learning and application of the highest expression of myself, looking through my soul’s eyes into this world, not blaming anyone but working on myself. Joining this program was the best decision I made during this period in my life, it got me slowly but steadily to the other side of my emotional pains, my sense of loss, my breakup with what I thought was love to another bigger and better world that is awaiting me. That was part of my healing journey through this program. To anyone considering joining the AWESOME YOU or coaching with Elena, I advise you to DO IT. It will CHANGE your life. You will grow and evolve in so many ways that you cannot even imagine now.


Jennifer Clark
Case Worker DGS

Prior to the program, I was trying to figure out how I could be a leader and how to follow that dream. Now I see ways I didn’t think were possible before. Learning about meditation and visualization were what I found most valuable and I enjoyed and got something out of precious moments. I’m so glad that I joined the Awesome You Program because it was a great decision. It reminds me to keep on keeping on and not to get stuck. If you are even considering I would tell you that, wherever you are in life, you can learn something. It will help you get where you want to go!


Angela Portein

The challenge I was facing prior to Awesome You was severe procrastination, going back decades, a feeling of stuckness, a terrible relationship with money, and being unsure of my direction and how to get there. I just felt lost and rudderless. Through the program, I learned that I speak to myself way more harshly than I would allow anyone else to. I also learned all about RAS and how to silence my inner critic. I’ve learned how strong, resilient, and capable I REALLY am. I learned that the negative voice that wants to keep me safe but prevents me from doing/trying/achieving so much can be tamed, which then allowed the REAL me to come through, and realize how strong and powerful I am. I’ve learned to understand and love myself unconditionally. This is Priceless!! Joining this program was a great decision because I now know 100% that my best days are still ahead of me. I get to choose, I am no longer governed by the negative thoughts, doubts, and fears that used to plague my mind, I write my own story going forward, and I feel free from my past and excited about my future! If you are thinking of coaching with Elena or joining her program I would tell you to simply go for it, and give it your all, it’s life-changing!!!


Yvette Delgado
Clinical Research

Before joining the Awesome You Program I didn't think I was negative however I definitely was and living in an “ego” controlled mind. My past definitely made a huge impact on my choices, words, and decisions. What I have learned is to love with a positive mind and heart. To stop attracting negativity. To be loving in words and accountable for what I say I will do. Envisioning my true me, walking with the true me, and seeing where I could be in the life I truly desire. My mom, son, and friends have noticed a huge change in me being more positive, happy, and at peace. My friend told me about this program and I decided to join; it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.  I use what I’ve learned every day in my life especially keeping me accountable for what I say I will do. I also talk more positively and know I will be where I was called to be in a loving positive successful life. I will use what I learned daily to reflect on how life can truly be and let people know of this amazing program. If you are considering enrolling I would advise you to be ready and open cuz it will change your life in the most amazing positive successful way. Be ready and unguarded cuz it will change you!! Such an amazing 12 weeks! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Untitled design.png

Valerie Volinski

This PROGRAM expanded my horizons. I didn't know what I didn't know. I have spent time exploring modalities so I was curious to see what Elena could bring to the party. She really brought it!  Explanations, tools, inspiration--the entire rainbow. Her practical style and delivery made it fun when she got into what I would call "Woo Woo," topics about who we are,soul-seeking, and the entire gamut. And the cherry on the top is the program is FUN! 💓 This is an experience, not a course. If you are considering this, I say just JUMP! Don't wait!


  • Best Value

    AWESOME YOU-Full Pay

    BEST Option
    Valid for one year
    • 12-week Deep-dive Life Training
    • Powerfully Transformative Worksheets
    • Access to Private Community FB Group
    • Curated Onboarding & Completions gifts
    • BONUS: Access to LOA Cafe Home Study Course
    • BONUS: Saves you $161
    • BONUS: ONE 1:1 60-min. Strategy Session with me (Value $300)

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12-module Deep-dive Life Training
    • Powerfully Transformative Worksheets
    • Access to Private Community FB Group
    • Curated Onboarding & Completion Gifts

 No interest if paid in paid in full in 6 month with PayPal CREDIT
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  • You will finally UNDERSTAND where overwhelm comes from and how to eliminate it!

  • You will discover exactly how to SHIFT your emotional states, so you are in control of how you feel!

  • You will gain CLARITY about what to focus on!

  • You will understand your REAL PURPOSE once and for all!

  • You will LEARN how to make your mind work for you!

  • You will get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your purpose!

  • You will have ACCESS to the BEST of my 35 years of personal development in ONE program!

  • You will discover how EXTRAORDINARY life can be!

  • You will learn to MAKE SENSE of your world once and for all!

  • You will BECOME the person you were intended to be!

  • You will learn how to CONTRIBUTE to yourself & others in more meaningful and loving ways!

  • You will EXPAND your awareness of life, how to manifest dreams, what is meant for you!

Join today and be part of a program that will transform your ENTIRE LIFE experience.

Enrollment options

I can't wait to celebrate you and


Landscape with Animals

Alone is not the answer

Follow a proven system

Look, I get it! At times being a human being is not an easy task. While we do our best to fit in and excel, life can sometimes feel like an uphill climb and one that you mostly feel all alone in.


This program will show you how to take the struggle and confusion out of life once and for all.

You will finally know how you have come to where you are and how to get to where you genuinely want to go. You will discover your true potential in life because you will meet the REAL you.

If your belief systems were not created in empowered ways, your beliefs will NOT serve you in having your best life. If life feels difficult for you, it's probably, at least in part, for that reason.

I created this program to guide you to find your awesomeness, that being, the ability to look at yourself and your life through the eyes of awe. To find the wonderment, magic, and gifts in all that you are.

When you discover this and allow yourself to see it and feel it, it elevates the way you approach business, relationships, and life itself. And, in so doing, all that comes into contact with you is elevated with you. This matters significantly because your life is not only for you; it belongs to everyone you interact with.


As you grow, heal, and expand, everyone in your life is blessed by your blessings.

You can never grow beyond the point of what you KNOW because growth and transformation require new information and new awareness. You need support and guidance in the discovery process because you don't know what you don't know.

So, how about we put an end to that? 

How about you find a place where you can get the answers you seek, learn the things that will help you become more resourceful, strong, and fulfilled.

A place where you meet, 

The Awesome You!

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