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Are You Tired Of Feeling "NOT GOOD ENOUGH"...
fearing that you won't amount to much and that

you will NEVER achieve your dreams?
Are you working hard to prove those inner fears wrong?  
Start living from your HEART knowing that you deserve to have your dreams, live in peaceful and joyous flow, creating the success you desire and deserve.
Here's how ...
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From The Desk of Elena Zanfei


Dear Friend,


If you're smart, talented and hard working...


if you’ve worked hard and done everything you have been told to do by your mentors, coaches, and teachers but in many ways you still feel stuck in the same place...


If you’ve read the books, attended the seminars, hired the coaches, and tried just about everything you could to pull yourself off of the hamster wheel you've been running on but you're still on it...


Then this the the book you MUST read.

But this is NOT just another book!!


I’m not going to tell you that “mindset” is everything. (I’m sure you’ve been working on your mindset for a very long time and are probably frustrated that it's not making a difference to think positive all the time).


You're not going to hear that you haven't been working hard enough or doing enough (you've probably been working your butt off to get some results) because working harder is actually keeping you in the same place. 


What you ARE going to learn is how to meet the YOU that you were created to be and to express what is already inside of you, your Inner Force


You may have been taught to think more positive thoughts, work harder, set clearer goals but in reality, while those things are great compliments, in and of themselves they do little to shift your identity and can actually make things worse. 


When you try everything and don't get the results you want, and then you try even harder, it may make you believe that there is something wrong with you because nothing seems to work.

You end up feeling even more overwhelmed, uncertain, frustrated, stressed, confused, anxious (to name a few) and you decide to throw in the towel on your dreams (or at least you think about it).


The truth is, there is NOTHING wrong with you, you have merely forgotten WHO you were created to be.


You've been working hard on all the WRONG things and in all the wrong ways!


When you let go of the struggle and learn to align your every day actions to the person you are authentically, your Inner Force is there with you all the time. No work required.


You stop struggling. You stop comparing. You stop worrying. You stop overthinking and trying to figure things out.

You start LIVING! 

My Life Redesigned method will clarify all the misinformation you have received. You are finally going to understand how and why you had been thinking the way you had and why you have been stuck. You are going to explore and find the YOU, you never knew existed, yet who has been there all along - waiting to be re-discovered and expressed.


When you live from your Inner Force everything in life changes and you are going to learn exactly how and why that is inside of this book.



2023-10-10 (1)_edited.jpg

This book will clear the fog that's been created by what you have been taught. 


You will finally understand why things have been so tough and how to ease into creating the life you desire and deserve.


Your relationships with everything (yourself, friends, family, etc.) will change forever.


You get busy living a life from your heart and draw to you all that is meant for you.


Success happens as a result of your vibrational match to your Inner Force.


This is what I have discovered after 35+ years of my personal development journey trying everything under the sun - this is what HAS worked.


You too will learn how to stop the sabotage, how to stop struggling and skip your way into your dream life.


You are going to learn

  • The power of your authenticity (even the parts you have kept hidden).

  • ​What self esteem really is and how you have been crippling it (it's the one thing that makes all the difference).

  • Where trauma (of any KIND ) gets stored and how it replays throughout your life.

  • ​Why trying to figure things out is actually keeping you in the problem you're trying to fix. 

  • ​How your ego got created, what its purpose is and when it shows up (you're going to be surprised about this).

  • ​Why you keep comparing yourself to others and how to stop it.

  • ​Why nobody or anything can really hurt you.

  • What your vibration is and why it's important to know it.​

  • How to be at peace with everyone and everything (yes, it is possible)​.

  • Why where you are now is exactly where you should be.

  • How to determine what you want out of life.

And so much more.

This book is intentionally short but it's rich in the wisdom that will help you Redesign Your Life.

This book is about redefining success and having it in every area of your life.

This is the way I went from suicidal and having PTSD to being free from my past, living carefree, spontaneous, and present to all the blessings that surround me.


I am no longer in my head (about anything) but rather living each moment with gratitude for life itself. I am happy, carefree and express and feel love deeply. YOU CAN TOO! 


Lord knows that the coaches, teachers, therapists, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, technologists, counselors, consultants, artists, moms, painters, marines, designers, architects, managers, nurses, social workers, real estate agents, brokers, students and musicians I have coached have all tried. I have too - for many years.


But what keeps us from our authentic INNER FORCE  are the emotions we have not resolved and are trying to fix by figuring out how to do it. Intellect, in this way, is your enemy as you can never heal any emotions with your thoughts or intellect.


We are emotional beings - and emotions have to be aligned with your soul in order to work for you. When however, they are aligned with your intellect who is trying to understand it all so it can fix it, you are stuck in an endless loop.


Your behavior will always follow your emotions - when those are free you are free.

This is INNER work for your INNER FORCE. The healing that needs to take place is all that stands in your way of your authentic self.

Even if there was never deep trauma in your life (or any that you can remember), you have experienced it in many ways that remain locked inside of you. Things like the birthing process, being told no unkindly, parents not available to you, children mistreating you at school, or the more damaging physical, emotional or sexual abuse. All of these (and more) create roadblocks to our soul, our authentic being and a life of inner peace.


You, therefore, experience the world NOT as it is, but as a reflection of all those stored traumas and the emotional imprint they left on you.

2023-10-09 (3).png

Heal those traumas, heal those memories and you erase the years of darkness they have cast on your life.


The pre-order "cost" of this book is $1 - you’ll get it right away as a download.


Right after you order, you will receive an email with a link to download the book. There is NO waiting.


Read it anywhere, any time without the need of a hard copy. 


NO hidden programs, no hidden charges, no further obligations of any sort.


I'm  giving you this book for just $1 to help you discover the Life Redesigned method and so you can unleash your

Inner Force. 

God/Source/Creator and the planet need you to unleash your Inner Force!


When you love it and get amazing results, you may want to learn more from me!

Time Is Limited

This special pricing won’t last forever.


And, if you feel aligned with them, there's also an option to grab some great bonus as add-ons at this time only.


And, if you aren't 100% in love with the book, I'll even give you your $1 back and let you keep the book anyway.

Just send me an email and I won't ask any questions. Sound fair?


I'd say, you really don't have anything to lose do you?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Purchase The Book Now.


P.S. If you’re like me and want the Readers Digest Condensed version - here it is:


  • I'm offering you a __-page book that explains how to erase self-sabotage and worry and replace it with what you were given at birth - your Inner Force.

  • The pre-order of this book is $1

  • I'm going to walk you through my Life Redesigned method that literally melts all those limiting beliefs you've accumulated along the way and leaves you with the clear, authentic version of yourself.

  • It will transform your life, relationships, health, wealth and how you view your life.

  • This is a very limited offer.

  • There is no "catch" to this offer. No other obligations or strings attached.

  • If you don't like this book, you can get your $1 back.

  • You have nothing to lose.




I help entrepreneurs and professionals (and those that want to be) reclaim their confidence and successfully create a joyful life, without struggling to do it alone.

Think of me as your trusty superconscious sidekick, here to help you break free from that sneaky "I am limited" spell and unleash your incredible innate POWER. Life can throw some tough stuff our way, but I've been through it all and know how to guide you.

I get the pain of past traumas that leave those "not enough" scars and rob us of our strengths. I also know the pure joy of healing fully and stepping into my genuine, highest self – where all that potential and power reside. And you know what's even better? I'm living proof that you, too, can overcome ANY obstacle!

When you align with your superconscious (that awesome part of you that's pure magic), you tap into your God-given skills, talents, and strength, making EVERYTHING possible.

Here's the thing, seeing those sneaky limitations of the ego and embracing your true "highest self" can be a bit tricky on your own. But no worries – I'm here to help you see both sides so you can choose empowerment over limitations. We'll break that ego spell and embrace the immense power within your soul, setting you free to live that superconscious life you've been dreaming of!

Are you ready for the ultimate transformation? Get ready to watch all areas of your life – health, wealth, relationships, joy, success, inner peace – soar to new heights!

Let's do this!


Get one before stock runs out!


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