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4-Mo. Weekly VIP 1:1 coaching

The subscription button below allows you to set up your payment method for our coaching together. You will be charged automatically every 2 weeks, untill this subscription expires after 15 cycles. This eliminates the need for monthly invoices.

When you establish this recurring payment you are agreeing to the payment terms and fullfilling your obligation until all said payments are made.


NOTE: If you have (or chose to create) a PayPal account, you will be given the options to use PayPal Credit which gives 6 months interest FREE to actually pay each payment obligation. This is like a revolving credit that PayPal offers on its website.


Charged bi-weekly and stretched across 8 months.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you 1:1 and  support you in your growth and evolution.

I am comitted to you becoming the unlimited being that you are.

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