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You are strengthened by the people you surround yourself with...

The Awesomeness Tribe

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Alone is not the answer

Be part of a sisterhood

Let's face it, life can be difficult under the best of circumstances. We are bombarded with demands from work, family, friends (to name a few). And at times we feel like a hamster spinning on a wheel of life without any real reprieve.


You want to take time for yourself, to learn how to be the best person possible, to find new people who understand how you feel because they feel the same way too, but there's a problem.

You don't know where to find these women and you don't have the means to hire a coach to work with you one-on-one. 

So you keep going it alone, feeling discouraged and continually hearing your friend's best-indented responses of "You shouldn't feel that way!" Ugh! but damn it... I do!!!!

So, how about we put an end to that? 


How about you find a place where you can get the answers you seek, learn the things that will help you become more resourceful, strong, and fulfilled, do it all at a price you CAN afford, and with people JUST LIKE YOU!


It's called The Awesomeness Tribe! 

The Awesomeness Tribe


Let for of the idea that you have to go through life alone, struggling with what you're feeling, not knowing how to change that, and going through it alone.

Come to a place where you find a true sisterhood of women, just like you, who GET YOU because they've been where you are. 

A place where not only are you connected to women who want to learn, grow, and gain clarity like you, but who also have a big heart like you. They are so willing to support you and be there for you while they are open to receive the support they themselves need and want. 

This is the PERFECT place for you to metaphorically REST.

A safe place!

A loving place!

How it works


  • Monthly Zoom meetings - to explore all topics dealing with the development of the SELF. Topics like your beliefs, values, purpose, dealing with others, communicating effectively, brain hacks, and so much more.

  • Meditation - we will begin each meeting with a short guided meditation to restore your soul and quiet your mind.

  • Worksheets - for you to reflect and work through the content you are learning.

  • Awards - your participation is rewarded with our monthly drawing give-away. Each post you make gives you one entry.

  • Private FB Group - your place to meet, chat, collaborate and get to know your sisterhood.

  • Coaching - each month I will coach one person in the group. Submit your questions ahead of time.

  • Pop-up Challenges - To keep you challenged and move you forward, from time to time I'll run some fun and interesting challenges.

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I can't wait to meet you, celebrate you,

get to know you.

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