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SERVICES Tailored to Your Heroic Journey
Discover Your Path to Transformation

Empowering the Professional Woman

In a world that often demands conformity, you stand out as the author of your own story. Your journey is unique, filled with aspirations and challenges uniquely yours. Recognizing this, we offer more than generic solutions; we offer a path to a life redesigned, just for you.

For the Woman Who Battles Against the Ordinary

You’re a professional or entrepreneurial woman facing the uphill battle of balancing career success with personal fulfillment. You’re not just pushing a boulder; you’re carving a mountain. But imagine not doing it alone. Imagine being part of a fellowship of women, just like you, ready to transform their hearts and minds together.

01 & 02



Your Group Odyssey Begins Here

Duration: 12 Weeks

Join our premier group coaching program, designed from 3 decades of insights and breakthroughs collapsed into a 12-week journey. This is more than a PROGRAM; it’s a high-touch, guided transformation where you’ll explore the depths of your true self alongside a supportive group. Discover strategies for a profound shift in every aspect of your life, from mindset and personal happiness to fulfillment and career.


  • Member Portal

  • Weekly thematic lessons and workshops

  • Personalized growth assignments and reflections

  • Exclusive access to a supportive community platform

  • Live Q&A sessions for personalized guidance

  • Mobile app to learn on the go

02 is the same curriculum delivered in a self-paced home study COURSE that you learn on your own.


The Ultimate Personalized 1:1 Journey

Duration: Customizable (4, 6, or 8 months)

For those who seek transformation at the deepest level, our one-on-one coaching is the ultimate pilgrimage. This tailored journey offers a sanctuary for profound self-exploration and reinvention. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of your life, uncovering and addressing the roots of challenges, setting the stage for monumental change.


  • Everything included in 01 Empowered Program

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls for bespoke guidance

  • Customized learning modules tailored to your specific goals and challenges

  • Exclusive resources and tools for your personal development journey

  • Deep, reflective exercises designed to unlock your full potential






Continuous Growth Within Community

Duration: Ongoing Support

Beyond the transformation lies the journey of continuous growth. The Awesomeness Tribe is your village of like-minded women committed to lifelong learning, accountability, and mutual support. Here, growth is not a phase but a way of life, with resources to foster your confidence, joy, and authenticity at every step.


  • Monthly deep-dive sessions on new personal development themes

  • Ongoing access to mentorship and peer support

  • Weekly challenges and accountability check-ins

  • A vibrant online community for daily inspiration and connection

  • Hosted on Facebook

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