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Hundreds women have downloaded this checklist: 


A beautiful FREE template to keep your habits  front and center so you are inspired and reminded to incorporate them into your life.

Consider this - your habits will determine your future
"Healthy habits are created the same way unhealthy ones are - through practice"
Wayne Dyer


If you aren't already in the Elena Zanfei Coaching community, here's what we're all about:

We help professional and entrepreneurial women up-level in the areas that contribute most to their bottom line SUCCESS in life and business:

Mindset, Empowerment and Self-love

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Because long before I had a thriving business, I was broke. I was mentally broke, financially broke, and value broke.


I've had a tough life and have been beaten down and it's been a long road to learn to love myself, trust my abilities and believe in what I'm capable of.


I knew that my potential was so much greater than what I was demonstrating and I knew that everything I COULD do, WOULD do, first started with the beliefs I held in my mind about what was possible.


Day after day I would see people, far less competent than me, create amazing results that FAR surpassed mine - the only thing they had stronger than me, was their belief.


That's exactly who we serve today: professional & entrepreneurial women who are tired of their own BS, tired of feeling stuck in their own self-doubt and overwhelm, and tired of wondering how long it will take to reach their dream life (if ever). They're ready to do the inner work and take responsibility for their own dreams. 

Are you ready?

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