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Rave Reviews
Here's what some happy clients have to say.

Mercedes Rundle.jpg

Dr. Mercedes Rundle

Clinical Psychologist

"Elena has provided me with one of most effective and profound coaching experiences of my life. I have worked with and have seeing other coaches work, who never provided the personalized attention she gave to me and my situation. I was “stuck” and I felt my life was on hold. I had lost hope and felt I was going nowhere. Elena opened the door to my heart and my soul and gave me hope. Moreover, allowing me to regain control of my efforts and thereby re-establish purpose and direction. As a coach, Elena was able to empathize with me on a personal level and enable me to deal with many of the heartaches and roadblocks I faced. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to find themselves and move forward again."

Amy Diaz


"Had read tons of self-help books & subscribed to several motivational blogs and email blasts searching for the light of hope that would push me closer to attaining my career goals, but nothing seemed to get me far enough away from jumping right back on the roller coaster of fear. I was ready to give up until I remembered Elena. Something kept tugging at my heart to call her. I can say, without a doubt, it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. She is such a beautiful soul! Through her coaching, guidance, & support, I’m becoming more aware, continuing to develop & mature thru self-love exercises; I’m gaining inward & outward compassion & have even started to attract more abundance & positive experiences, which is helping to boost my self-confidence. Fear is a hard one to let go of but with Elena’s guidance & support, it has been much more attainable than going it alone. I highly recommend Elena, and if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll finally meet the authentic-you!"

lisa (2).jpg

Lisa Butvilas

Office Manager

"When I first inquired about coaching, although it sounded good, I was thinking “here I go again” and in the back of my mind I wasn’t confident that this would work for me. I was wrong. Even in just a few months into my coaching I already started seeing and feeling positive changes. Elena has helped me to learn how to get out of my head and live in the present. I feel that I have more clarity now and our sessions always end giving me a peaceful feeling and new insights. I would recommend coaching to everyone – it is amazing how much it helps and I am excited to continue my journey with her on my side."

Dr. Shannon Chidlow


"Elena helped me completely change my life,  be real and present. To have someone on ‘my side’ as I make changes to grow both my personal integrity and strive to live my most authentic vision has been the most valuable investment I have made. Elena saw more in me than I saw in myself. She's helped me organize, figure out what was holding me back and develop a game plan for moving forward. As a result, ALL  areas of my life have shifted for the better, and my God given strengths have begun to blossom. I have noticed huge differences in my relationships, feel better about myself, have more time to pursue my passions.  My parenting has improved, and I am finding more balance and peace in my life. I am showing up in the world differently, and I am excited to get up in the morning!"

Laura Gillogly

Counseling Psychologist

"Working with Elena as my personal coach opened my eyes and my mind in a multitude of ways. Elena and I worked together while I was on the verge of losing my previous job. Without personal coaching, I wouldn’t have searched my heart to ultimately find out that I was NOT in the profession of my dreams. During our coaching sessions, I made discoveries regarding my values, my priorities and very simply I discovered what makes me happy and fulfilled (and it wasn’t what I was doing.) After losing my job, I decided to return to school for a second masters degree with the future intention of making a complete career change. The road ahead is challenging and exciting. I highly recommend personal coaching–it’s the fastest route to self – discovery, out-of-the-box thinking, and working toward your dreams."

Raelynn Roman

Educational Consultant

"Working with Elena as my life coach set my compass to a true north! Although I had a successful career, I wanted something different for the “rest of my life.” Together Elena and I found my true calling. With Elena’s support, I searched and explored areas of my life I didn’t even know existed! My journey has taken me from “Doing 24-7” to “Being and loving life 24-7.” I am now a world apart from the old Raelynn and love my new life! My professional focus has changed to areas I am comfortable with and absolutely love! Thanks for my new direction!"

Shari Clark


"Coaching with Elena has significantly impacted all areas of my life. It has helped me uncover a more authentic self and released me from fears I never realized were holding me back. With the help of my coach, Elena, I have confronted head-on, myself, others and situations that I never thought I could. Coaching has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a new and exciting world. I have reached new levels with my spouse, children, friends, and most importantly, myself. I have never felt so supported then during my coaching sessions. They gave me the needed cushion to explore deeper avenues in my life with profound results. I am living more genuinely and satisfying than I ever imagined. Coaching was one of the ‘best’ things I ever did for myself."

Kerry Glennon

Technology Manager

"I didn’t have clear expectations of coaching at the onset, but can only believe that if I did have any expectations, we far exceeded them. I am continually amazed at the impact this has had on my life in a very short 4 months. Not only do I have a clear sense of what I want to be, but I also feel equipped to keep the path to my heart clear. When we started, I was full of negative energy that was taking charge; I was unmotivated in every aspect of my life. Well, I am back in the game and laughing my way through it! I love being Me! Thank you from the completeness of my heart!"
Tony Tucker.jpg

Tony Tucker

Director eCommerce

​"I really was looking for help to change jobs. I thought I might need to focus on how to interview, change my resume, etc. We expanded the scope not to change jobs but to change how I live my life. What an impact! I have learned that doing the little things in life do add up. I have struggled with some relationships throughout my life. Developing new habits and dealing with the problems using respect, honesty and in a caring way I have made my relationships stronger and look forward to talking with people I would have rather avoided previously. In addition these practices will help me with finding a new job with confidence and sincerity. Thank you Elena! You have made a positive impact on my life."

Leo Paez

Software Developer

"Before I met Elena, my life was missing the spice that makes me feel alive; time passed by while I was feeling stuck and living day by day without purpose… Elena helped me rediscover my true potential and gave me the tools to overcome my fears and take charge of my life… now I know that happiness is not around the corner but rather here with ME at all times… thanks Elena!!!"
renee 3jpg.jpg

Renee Klyczek-Nordstrom

Art Therapist

"Thank you, Elena! What I have taken away from our time together has impacted my life in a dramatic way. Together, we explored ways to help make my visualizations concrete using them as tools; to focus and build my creativity and to help my energy become what I need it to be (even more). I find the work I did with you helped me take the next step and continue on in the journey of my own process and evolution."
2008_10151316934554500_1040327321_n (2).

Rosette Frazier


​"Elena has been a powerful influence in my life.  She has helped me re-awaken to my true voice and led me back to trusting myself.  I partnered with Elena to help me transition out of my job into something more fulfilling and authentic.  I found myself in a job that dragged the life out of me and finances that were all over the place.  Elena has helped me with more than finding my passion in work.  She’s guided me through different career options I never thought of, organizing my finances, connecting and communicating with my partner on a more healthier and loving level, as well as loving and accepting myself through good and bad times.  Not only is Elena a life coach, she is a friend, confidant and will have your back through it all!  Working with her has been my biggest benefit stepping into this new chapter in my life."
brenda Riser.jpg

Brenda Reiser

Direct Sales

​"Working with Elena has been a joy and a blessing. Before I started speaking with her I lacked the confidence in myself to just be my authentic self. Worry and fear of what others thought of me held me hostage. Once I started using the tools Elena gave me to notice what was holding me back I was able to get out of my own way and simply enjoy each moment as it has happened. My confidence has increased to the point that others have started asking me, “how do I get started in your business?” Seeing and feeling such progress in such a short time is amazing! Thank you Elena!"

Debbie Marsico

Technology Director

​"Coaching is something that has truly changed my life in many ways. I started the process with hopes that I could bring some sort of balance to my very hectic personal and professional life. With the help of my coach, Elena, I was able to recognize how crazy things had really gotten for me which definitely impacted my self confidence and relationships with those that mattered most to me. Over time, I have realized that I have much more influence over my personal well being and happiness than I ever gave myself credit for in the past. This has been extremely empowering and has allowed me more happiness than I felt prior to this coaching experience. This empowerment has provided me the ability to focus my energies in such a way that happiness is achieved in both my personal and professional life."

Julie Ryder

​"I decided to begin my journey with Elena after talking to her on the phone and completing her “introductory worksheets”. This initial phase opened my eyes to so many opportunities to work on my life, with the final page suggesting that I set 10 goals for our time together. By the end of our first month we had moved in such a different direction that I was wondering if we would ever address the goals I had set forth. By the second month, I discovered a part of myself that I had forgotten about, by the third month I was starting to be the person I had always wanted to be and found that with all our talking and coaching I had reached many of my goals and reset others. I began my year stressed, moving too fast and feeling a whirlwind inside of me. For all the years of beating my head against the wall with trying to change the world to fit me, Elena taught me to look within to hear not only myself, but also to see that changing how I react and respond to the world is the real key to life. I have never been so much at peace with myself and the world. Thank you Elena for opening up my eyes to life!"

becky clark.jpg

Becky Clark

Business Owner

"I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed by life; my full time work hours with a small baby, family and social commitments, keeping up with housework, being a wife and having so little time for myself. I wanted to find a way to break out of the harried cycle I had gotten into and live a life of meaning and joy. Elena helped me first and foremost to “be my own best friend.”  Shifting my perspective was really what I needed and Elena helped me do that.  Elena’s commitment to herself is an inspiration and having accountability from a warm, inspiring, committed friend made a huge difference in my life. I’m so much happier in big, big ways: enjoying a part time schedule to spend more time with my baby, I’m not doing things I feel obligated to but building win-win solutions that make me excited about what and where I’m spending time. I can’t thank Elena enough for her helpfulness, candor, vision and ideas."
amber meder wallace2.jpg

Amber Meder

Dental Hygienist

"I was incredibly pleased with my coaching experience! I felt nothing but love and compassion, and genuine concern when talking with Elena. I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching; I had heard of the concept before but wasn’t sure what to anticipate so all of my expectations were surpassed. I felt that having an unbiased ear to listen to me was so awesome, that it allowed me to be completely honest in my thought process and in all of my answers. The fact that I did not have to worry about being judged meant the world to me. I feel like this is an experience that anyone on any level could absolutely benefit from. I personally felt like I had come a long way in my own acceptance of myself and in my journey of self-discovery , but with an outsider’s perspective and input, I felt like I was able to take it to the next step or level. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to experience coaching."
Kate Hylger.jpg

Kate Hilger

Designer, Artist, Musician, Goofball

"I was lead to Elena through a family friend, years ago when I felt I was in need of guidance in my life. A part of me felt helpless in my early 20’s, and I am so glad that I had the sense to acknowledge that I was in need of better structures and better habits to achieve the dreams I had for myself. I simply was overwhelmed by the how! Elena is such a warm and welcoming spirit. She approaches coaching in a way that alleviates any anxiety or fears on might have regarding the idea of opening yourself up to a someone in such a personal way, the second you begin conversing with her. She soon becomes as honored and loved as your dearest family member, maybe even treating you better than they do. She has helped me over the last 6 years of my life, whenever I have needed her guidance, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without having her, my Adopt-o-parent, in my life.  There is no point in suffering at the hands of your ego, when you can learn to dance to the beauty of your own soul’s music… and there is no easier way to figure out how then to call Elena. Thank you for everything!!"

Kalpana Doshi

Dr. of Anesthesiology & Acupuncture

"Thank you for all your coaching Elena. I enjoyed working with you and have learned A LOT.  It is wonderful and amazing to feel life full of joy by learning that Truth in life is what we make it to be. My fear and ego were taking away my joy, so I am grateful to you for helping me to overcome that through your coaching . I highly recommend your expertise to anyone who may need this support. Namaste."

Melissa Garcia

Owner, Strategic Marketing Services LLC

In Loving Memory of

"I can't say enough about Elena. Before working with her, I had a vague, albeit incorrect, idea of what a life coach does. Boy did I underestimate how powerful working with a great coach like Elena would be! Before working with Elena, I was struggling with taking my small business to the next level. I had some issues with organization, multi-tasking and communicating with my growing clientele. Elena's impact was so powerful that a couple of my clients ended up thanking her for the benefits they received from our work together! The greatest joy in all of this has been the wonderful friendship I have forged with Elena. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, with a heart as big as her expectations of me. She is kind, tough, patient, knowledgeable and always willing and able to roll up her sleeves and figure out the right answer to my challenges. I am grateful that she has never given up on me, even when I gave up on myself. Do yourself a favor and let Elena help you. I promise you won't regret it. I know that I don't!"


Caren DeCesaris

Body Movement & Confidence Coach

"Oh gosh, where do I start! I was never actually looking for a life coach to come into my life, but the universe dropped one right into my lap - and it just happened to be Elena. Elena opened my life to a whole new world, a world that I may not have been able to see without coaching. Years later, I still check in with Elena when I need some balance in my life. Her coaching style is nurturing and comforting, but stern and "get-it-done"ish at the same time. This is something very special, because Elena will not allow a client to settle. She offers many new perspectives, and has always brought me to realize that I already have all of the answers I need within me. Her support is above and beyond, and she truly makes it known that she cares about her clients journey throughout coaching. I have had nothing short of a great experience coaching with Elena. I am so grateful for who she is, and her coming into my life when she did!"
Image by Ryan Holloway

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