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Elena Zanfei
Life Mastery Coach

Elena is a cultivating coach who helps others bring out their best selves in ways that benefits ALL their relationships.


She helps entrepreneurial women remove the clutter that stands in the way of their innate greatness and capacity for success.


She loves working with successful and professional women who feel their life is NOT what they imagined it would be. Together they explore, find and eliminate the beliefs and patterns that block their highest potential, expression, and joy. Using her 35+ years of personal advancement work, she helps others understand themselves at the deepest level, allowing greater self-awareness and more empowering personal choice.


Elena believes that everyone has a private VISION of themselves and their lives imprinted on their soul as a sort of guidepost for their life’s journey. Her highest goal and heartfelt desire are to support others in reaching the destination of their ‘IDEAL Life Vision.’

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