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Awesome YOU

A place where you are lovingly guided to the awesomeness within you so you

can confidently achieve your success! 


Let’s face it, most of us have some level of life that is a THORN in our side. Try as we may, this thorn continues to poke, jab, and create pain and stress in our lives. It robs us of energy. It keeps us from being in our most powerful state. We talk about it, read books about it, cry about it, take classes on it, go to workshops about it, invest money on what we hope will be THE answer that will finally get that thorn out. At times, it may even feel like the thorn is gone, and then something touches you a certain way, and bam, there’s that thorn again. Back with a full vengeance creating the same stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, hurt, etc. And you wonder, "what the heck!" (or something stronger).

I know, I’ve been there too. 

in 35 years, I’ve learned just about every modality there is to know, studied just about every answer there is to study, and I have removed all my thorns – now it’s time for you to do the same.

Here is what my Comprehensive, powerful, ONE-solution program is going to do for you ONCE AND FOR ALL.
It will help you 

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Alone is not the answer

Follow a proven system

Look, I get it! At times being a human being is not an easy task. While we do our best to fit in and excel, life can sometimes feel like an uphill climb and one that you mostly feel all alone in.


This program will show you how to take the struggle and confusion out of life once and for all. And, you will be in the company of other women, who, just like you, want to end the cycle of push and pull and create a clear path to their vision.

You will finally know how you have come to where you are and how to get to where you genuinely want to go. You will discover your true potential in life because you will meet the REAL you.

If your belief systems were not created in empowered ways, your beliefs will NOT serve you in having your best life. If life feels difficult for you, it's probably, at least in part, for that reason.

I have turned my life completely around and have invested 35 years in learning all there is to know, and yes, there is more. There is always more because, as humans, we never stop expanding.  We first seek to develop to end the pain of what is NOT working. We then advance and grow to embrace MORE greatness and to serve others in a greater capacity. 
I created this program to guide you to find your awesomeness, that being, the ability to look at yourself and your life through the eyes of awe. To find the wonderment, magic, and gifts in all that you are.

When you discover this and allow yourselves to see it and feel it, it elevates the way you approach business, relationships, and life itself. And, in so doing, all that comes into contact with you is elevated with you. This matters significantly because your life is not only for you; it belongs to everyone you interact with. As you grow, heal, and expand, everyone in your life is blessed by your blessings.

You can never grow beyond the point of what you KNOW because growth and transformation require new information and new awareness. You need support and guidance in the discovery process because you don't know what you don't know.

So, how about we put an end to that? 

How about you find a place where you can get the answers you seek, learn the things that will help you become more resourceful, strong, and fulfilled, and do so with other amazing women JUST LIKE YOU!

It's called The Awesome You Program!

The Awesome You Program


Put away your idea that finding answers to your questions is a long and painful process. That you have to read every book, go to every seminar, and still struggle to figure it all out. I've done THAT for you.

This is the program where you come to find real answers, in an accelerated way. You learn real solutions to finally unearthing your proper path in life and how to manifest your dreams.

You do it all with a sisterhood of women, just like you, who GET YOU because they've been where you are. 

A place where not only are you connected to women who want to learn, grow, and gain clarity like you, but who also have a big heart like you. They are so willing to support you and be there for you while they are open to receive the support they need and want. 

This is the PERFECT place for you to metaphorically REST and finally get CLEAR and meet your EMPOWERED self.

A safe place!
A loving place!

The AWESOME YOU place!


Why should you join?

If you are feeling OVERWHELMED with life, decisions and goals.

If you are DESCOURAGED because nothing seems to make a difference in how you feel.

If  you are CONFUSED about which way to turn or what to focus on next.

If it seems like everyone has found their purpose while you still STRUGGLE to figure it out.

If your mind is TALKING you OUT of success.

If you WONDER what it’s going to take to excel in life.

If you WORRY about what your PURPOSE should be.

If you have tried personal development before and you're still STUCK.


If you want to STOP spending money and time, PIECEMEALING together your personal growth.

If you're RESIGNED to life being what it is.

If you feel you don’t UNDERSTAND life at all and wonder why it’s so hard sometimes.

If you WONDER if you will ever become that ideal you that’s deep in your mind.

If you WORRY so much about yourself that you feel preoccupied all the time.

If you FEEL like you are all alone and few understand what you’re going through.

If you WISH you understood life and how to attract the things you desire.

Here's why others have joined?


You will finally UNDERSTAND where overwhelm comes from and how to eliminate it!


You will discover exactly how to SHIFT your emotional states, so you are in control of how you feel!

You will gain CLARITY about what to focus on!

You will understand your REAL PURPOSE once and for all!


You will LEARN how to make your mind work for you!

You will KNOW precisely what your best life needs!

You will get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your purpose!

You will have ACCESS to the BEST of my 35 years of personal development in ONE program!

You will discover how EXTRAORDINARY life can be!

You will learn to MAKE SENSE of your world once and for all!


You will BECOME the person you were intended to be!

You will learn how to CONTRIBUTE to yourself & others in more meaningful and loving ways!

You will CONNECT with women who share your spiritual and growth path!

You will EXPAND your awareness of life, how to manifest dreams, what is meant for you!

Here's what others have GAINED?

How it works


  • Weekly Zoom calls - where you will learn everything there is to know about your life and you. We follow a roadmap and explore topics dealing with your mind, beliefs, self-perception, highest self, highest vision, and everything that will support you in achieving that highest vision. This is NOT your grandma's personal development program!

  • Meditation - we will begin each meeting with a short guided meditation to restore your soul and quiet your mind.

  • Worksheets - for you to reflect and work through the content you are learning.

  • Sharing- your awareness expands as you share it with your peers. You will do so in break-out sessions during each call.

  • Private FB Group - your place to meet, chat, collaborate and get to know your sisterhood.

  • Coaching - Not only will you learn what is going to take your life to the next level, but you will also be coached on how to best apply it to your own life.

  • Goodies - Oh, and did I mention gifts, swag, and goodies 😊 

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