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How it works


  • Bi-weekly Zoom calls - where you will learn everything there is to know about your life and you. We follow a roadmap and explore topics dealing with your mind, beliefs, self-perception, highest self, highest vision, and everything that will support you in achieving that highest vision. 

  • Meditation - we will use short guided meditations to restore your soul and quiet your mind.

  • Worksheets - you will use beatifully designer worksheet on which to reflect and work through the content you are learning.

  • Sharing- your awareness expands as you share it with your peers. You will do so in break-out sessions during each call.

  • Private FB Group - your place to meet, chat, collaborate and get to know your sisterhood.

  • Coaching - Not only will you learn what is going to take your life to the next level,  you will also be coached on how to best apply it to your own life.

  • Goodies - A special gift from me, to you will come in the mail. 😊 

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