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Awesomeness Tribe Feedback
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I'm so honored that you were willing to entrust me with your heart and mind by becoming a founding member of the Awesomeness tribe. Your answers to the questions below will provide invaluable insight as I move forward with planning the open enrollment to the program. Thank you in advance for taking a moment to respond.

Rate Your Experience so far
Would you recommend me and/or this group to your friends?

You're a peach. Thanks so much! Now please do a short video testimonial - include the answers to your questions above. Basically, people want to know why you joined and how it's working out so far. Be casual & authentic and remember, women who will watch this are just like you, a little scared, maybe a bit lost or frustrated and wondering if this will even make any difference for them.


You are recording this to help me spread my message but also to reach that one woman who might really need this.  You are also pushing past your BS if any fear or apprehension creeps up. Remember, you play a role in helping others expand through your own expansion. We are all in this together. You can send me your vid via FB messenger or email.

Thanks for submitting!

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