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THESE WOMEN cut through their LIMITING bs (belief SYSTEMS) AND FREED THEMSELVES TO experience An AWESOME Life and biz!


BECAUSE THEY experienced

Lisa Butvilas  - Office Manager

Dr. Andrea Blake - Dr. of Chiropractic - Health Coach

Natasa Zoubaridis - Producer, Entrepreneur

Debbie Bush - Business Owner

Becky Clark - Software Developer

Lauren Macadlo - Research Technician - Duke University

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Ruba Almasri Zanaid -
CRA Manager

Prior to this program, I was at the lowest point in my life, the darkest space I have ever been to, the strangest pain that I had to face day after day, morning and evening. What I found most valuable was all the learning and application of the highest expression of myself, looking through my soul’s eyes into this world, not blaming anyone but working on myself and through my pains where I could see more of myself, picking myself up whenever I fall, drying my tears after I let them fall telling myself that smiles are coming back. Some of the other most valuable moments were having a safety net that I could land on with Elena and this wonderful group of ladies assuring me over and over that pain was not destiny it is temporary. Joining this program was the best decision I made during this period in my life, it got me slowly but steadily to the other side of my emotional pains, my sense of loss, my breakup with what I thought was love to another bigger and better world that is awaiting me. I also discovered the little girl inside of me who suffered so much and gave her so much love and care. That was part of my healing journey through this program. To anyone considering joining the AWESOME YOU PROGRAM or coaching with Elena, I advise you to DO IT. It will CHANGE your life. You will grow and evolve in so many ways that you cannot even imagine now.


Yvette Delgado - Principal Clinical Research Assoc.

Before joining the Awesome You Program I didn't think I was negative however I definitely was and living in an “ego” controlled mind. My past definitely made a huge impact on my choices, words, and decisions. What I have learned is to love with a positive mind and heart. To stop attracting negativity. To be loving in words and accountable for what I say I will do. Envisioning my true me, walking with the true me, and seeing where I could be in the life I truly desire. My mom, son, and friends have noticed a huge change in me being more positive, happy, and at peace. My friend told me about this program and I decided to join; it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.  I use what I’ve learned every day in my life especially keeping me accountable for what I say I will do. I also talk more positively and know I will be where I was called to be in a loving positive successful life. I will use what I learned daily to reflect on how life can truly be and let people know of this amazing program. If you are considering enrolling I would advise you to be ready and open cuz it will change your life in the most amazing positive successful way. Be ready and unguarded cuz it will change you!! Such an amazing 12 weeks! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


Valerie Voliski - Entrepreneour

This PROGRAM expanded my horizons. I didn't know what I didn't know. I have spent time exploring modalities so I was curious to see what Elena could bring to the party. She really brought it!  Explanations, tools, inspiration--the entire rainbow. Her practical style and delivery made it fun when she got into what I would call "Woo Woo," topics about who we are,soul-seeking, and the entire gamut. And the cherry on the top is the program is FUN! 💓 This is an experience, not a course. If you are considering this, I say just JUMP! Don't wait!


Angela Protain


The challenge I was facing prior to joining the Awesome You program was severe procrastination, going back decades, a feeling of stuckness, a terrible relationship with money, and being unsure of my direction and how to get there. I just felt lost and rudderless.

Through the program, I learned that I speak to myself way more harshly than I would allow anyone else to. I also learned all about RAS and how to  silence my inner critic. I’ve learned how strong, resilient, and capable I REALLY am. I learned that the negative voice that wants to keep me safe but prevents me from doing/ trying/ achieving so much can be tamed, which then allowed the REAL me to come through, and realize how strong and powerful I am. I’ve learned to understand and love myself unconditionally. This is Priceless!! Joining this program was a great decision because I now know 100% that my best days are still ahead of me. I get to choose, I am no longer governed by the negative thoughts, doubts, and fears that used to plague my mind, I write my own story going forward, and I feel free from my past and excited about my future! If you are thinking of coaching with Elena or joining my program I would tell you to simply go for it, and give it your all, it’s life-changing!!!

Prior to this program, I was trying to figure out how I could be a leader and how to follow that dream. Now I see ways I didn’t think were possible before. Learning about meditation and visualization were what I found most valuable and I enjoyed and got something out of precious moments with those I had in breakout sessions. They made me feel connected! I’m so glad that I joined the Awesome You Program because it was a great decision. It reminds me to keep on keeping on and not to get stuck. If you are even considering I would tell you that, wherever you are in life, you can learn something. It will help you get where you want to go!"

Christian Proffitt - Sales Professional and Author

Kathy Laning - Executive Coach

Jane Corley - Attorney at Law

Tammy O'Connell - Medical Registry Exec.

Lauren H - Information Security

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