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Communication is a key that fits many locks

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Communication is a key that fits many locks.

Communicating is both the easiest and most difficult thing to do. It comes naturally, but there are subtle nuances I often forget.

Good communication takes practice, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort required.

Like a master key, I use communication to access things otherwise unavailable to me. I exercise good communication with my family, friends, and partners. I show that I care about what they're sharing.

With each person, I listen, reiterate, and respond so they can feel and see that I am present. I give my undivided attention, even on the busiest days (at least this is what I strive for).

When I'm unavailable or busy I make arrangements for a better time when I know I can be present and then commit myself to this agreement with them. In this way, I'm setting up a win-win because I will be able to them when I'm able to help them feel heard.

Because I make it a point to practice good communication skills, my interactions with others become easier. Directing my attention to another’s needs and removing my attention from my own

concerns becomes easier each time I consciously listen. I become less focused on myself and more considerate of others.

Good communication breeds great communication. My ability to communicate well makes it easier

for those around me to also communicate better. It helps to breed greater honesty in my life because even difficult subjects become easier to discuss.

Today, I am aware of how valuable attentiveness can be. I continue to strengthen my communication skills and hope to maintain a positive impact on the communication skills of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is offering advice necessary for good communication?

2. Who do I turn to when I need to talk?

3. How can I help someone with poor communication skills?

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