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You Were Born to Shine

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Over time, life can take a toll on us. Fear, failure and exhaustion can dim even the brightest of lights.

Life’s challenges can take on the strength of gale winds that threaten to blow out our flame. You have to be the one to ensure this does not happen!

You need to keep your flame bright not only to light your own way but also so you’ll be able to guide, support and encourage others. Your light is required for the benefit of all that are in your presence. This is why you must do all that you can to protect your flame from the destructive elements that want to squelch it.

Fuel, like oxygen, is required to keep your flame burning strong, generating the brilliance and warmth that is needed by yourself and others.

Take time to reflect on the things you can do to keep your energy high and your dreams alive, and make them a priority. Guard your inner flame with the same love and intention that a mother protects her young with.

Here are a few other ways that are sure to fuel your fire.

1. Express gratitude daily

Tell the people around you that you appreciate them; don’t assume that they know it. Give thanks for your health, your home, your friends and loved ones; don’t take them for granted. Smile; it is the greatest expression of appreciation. Gratitude magnifies your feelings of goodwill and your radiance and it breathes life into your flame.

2. Get physical

In order for you to be strong for others, you have to feel strong yourself. Moving for just 20 minutes a day has been clinically shown to improve your mood & boost your health. Go for a walk in nature, try a yoga class, ride your bike around town, or go for a swim, and you’ll shine brighter for others.

3. Meditate

Spending time in silence reconnects you with your source of self-awareness, confidence & happiness. It’s also been shown to greatly reduce stress & improve communication. Meditation is like a gentle breeze; it breathes life into your flame.

What other things do you like to do to rekindle your fire?

Perhaps it is something artistic, taking a warm soothing bath, reading an inspiring book, or communing with nature.

What can YOU do to shine a little brighter TODAY?

Let your life shine brightly,

P.S. Sometimes it’s difficult to re-ignite that flame. Life may have been really tough and you’re not sure if you can burn brightly anymore; believe me when I say “YOU CAN”. I can help you find that joy, that excitement again so that your life becomes a bright beacon again.

I’m here to help you. Take the hand I’m extending to you; don’t settle for living a life of default. You can just go on living in daily numbness or find that joy and fire within you again; which would you choose to go to your grave with? I’m just a CLICK away :-). Let me help you!!

P.S.S.Please leave your comments below. Let me know if this information was helpful to you and if so, please pass it on and SHARE it with others!! You never really know who might need this message at this time.

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