When your goals get bigger, so does the fear. That inner doubt can scream so loud at times it can make you want to quit.  Don't let insecurity or self-doubt leave you discouraged and rob you of your dreams. That part that feels the FEAR is not the real YOU anyway - Let me SHOW you who you are and what you are REALLY capable of.

​Is this YOU?




​Eliminated worry

Crushed self-doubt

Deepened self-love

Increased Abundance


eliminate self-sabotage

without investing excessive time and money so they can finally claim the success and joy

that is meant for them.

I help entrepreneurial Women



You're too capable not to have the success you desire

You've worked too hard to give up on your dreams now

Life is too precious to live it ordinarily


You deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work and share the blessings of your success with those you love

Empowerment in  3 simple steps

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Uncover the faulty programming

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Discover the Hero inside you

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Design a Hero's dream life 

I understand what it's like to not believe in yourself,
I've been there too.

I've overcome crippling self-doubt after 26 years of daily abuse.

And because I've overcome so much, I have helped numerous women overcome their limitations and I know how to help you too.

Working with me saves you Time and Money

Time - because I have distilled down what has taken me 35 years to learn.

Money - because you won't need to pay what it cost me to learn what I will be teaching you.

Dr. Mercedes Rundle

Clinical Psychologist

"One of most effective & profound coaching experiences of my life. Elena opened the door to my heart & and my soul...re-establish purpose and direction..."

Dr. Shannon Chidlow


"Elena helped me completely change my life, be real and present. She saw more in me than I saw in myself. ALL areas of my life have improved... I am finding more balance and peace in my life."

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Taking my 35+ years of personal development, I have created a method that is both belief and behavior-based.

It addresses the skill set as well as the mindset. I believe in providing an oasis for busy professional women to pause, to reflect,

to tune in to their own greatness, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.

I have created a 3 step approach to helping you uncover blocks, eliminate them and release your true inner strength.

I call this method DUO.


Incorporating specific exercises and visualization techniques, we will look down inside your experiences, your past, your childhood.

There we will uncover the source of your inner villain that is robbing you of your strength and confidence.

Knowing this gives you great power and the ability to separate who you are now from the experiences and

emotions that are creating the doubt in your life and stopping you from your greatness.


Tapping into your highest self, through visualizations and various methods, you will discover your true strength and what's truly

possible for you.; from this place you will create a completely different vision for your life and I will teach you how to live from that place.


To further strengthen you and give you deep inner peace, you will learn the power of community and a spiritual practice. When you incorporate

these in your life, you will know that you are always guided and are never alone. This will be an enormous source of strength for you.

(NOTE: this is NOT a religious practice and can fold into whatever spiritual beliefs you hold. If you are extremely religious and NOT open to new concepts or if you are not spiritual

and are NOT open to this concept then I am probably not the right coach for you.  I believe a spiritual practice and connection to a community is paramount for a successful personal and professional life.)

We Respect Your Privacy

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Dr. Mercedes Rundle

Clinical Psychologist

One of most effective & profound coaching experiences of my life. Elena opened the door to my heart & and my soul...re-establish purpose and direction.


Dr. Shannon Chidlow


Elena helped me completely change my life, be real and present. saw more in me than I saw in myself. ALL  areas of my life have shifted for the better... finding more balance and peace in my life.


Shari Clark


Coaching with Elena has significantly impacted all areas of my life. It has helped me uncover a more authentic self and released me from fears I never realized were holding me back. I am living more genuinely and satisfying than I ever imagined. 

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