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Is happiness REALLY a choice?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I'm sure you've heard the saying "happiness is a choice" right? So, why would anyone intentionally CHOOSE anything other than happiness? That would be crazy right?

The choice to be happy is based on where we place our focus and keep our attention. Your mind is capable of filtering out anything negative and keep the focus on positivity however, in order to remain ‘happy’, our brain has to continue to block or deflect anything that is in contrast to a ‘happy’ state.

The degree of your personal resourcefulness will greatly impact your ability to keep your focus on the positive. Unfortunately, your resourcefulness can, at times, be depleted by the magnitude (quantity or severity) of life challenges.

Think of resourcefulness like a bank account and the events in life as either a ‘deposits to’ or ‘withdrawals from’ that bank account. Every one of us is responsible for keeping our accounts FULL enough to accommodate life’s daily withdrawals.

Do you remember the last time you were newly in love? You know, that euphoric state of being where everything is rosy and nothing bad affects you? In that state, your resourcefulness is sky high and all the crap that could be going on around you just runs off of you. Your emotional bank account is so full that you are able to keep your emotion at that level in spite of life's events that could potentially bring you down.

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." ~~ Guillaume Apollinaire

It would be nice to sustain that feeling of new love but since it's highly unrealistic, what else could we do to keep our resourcefulness high or our emotional bank account full?

All aspects of self-care such as:

  • good nutrition

  • exercise

  • prayer and meditation

  • healthy friendships and connections

  • clear communication with yourself and others

  • forgiveness and letting go

  • patience born of compassion

  • saying yes when we mean yes and no when we mean no

  • truly good self-care

  • healthy boundaries

to name a few, are all the equivalent of deposits into our resourcefulness account.

While all lack of self-care such as:

  • unhealthy work or personal situations

  • personal and professional demands

  • not honoring our values, thoughts or needs

  • taking on too much for the sake of being 'nice'

  • unhealthy eating or sleeping habits

  • tolerations of any kind

  • breaking promises with others but especially with ourselves

to name a few, are all the equivalent withdrawals from your resourcefulness.

When the withdrawals outweigh the deposits, it will be difficult for you to deflect life’s challenges and the ability to be happy will be fleeting.

Of course, there may be situations in life that can challenge even the most resourceful person, however, they will more easily and more quickly bounce back as they're able to redirect their focus to the positive side of life.

Success habits create a resourceful and happy person so, practice good self-care and empowering habits and by all means…. Be happy!


P.S. Leave a comment if this made you think and what you will do differently to keep your emotional bank account full.

P.S.S. Is your emotional bank account constantly depleted? Do you struggle to keep making healthy deposits in your resourcefulness? Are you ready to be guided to developing some amazing personal success habits? Working with me with help to create the clarity and structure in which to do so. It happens to be one of my specialties. Reach out if you'd like to learn more.

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