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Breaking the Trance

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Human beings become creatures of habit.

We repeat the same routines day after day until we no longer need to be consciously present to that activity/action.

We take the same route to work or to the store, we eat the same breakfasts or handful of them, we watch the same groups of tv shows at about the same time, we get up on the same side of the bed each day, and so goes our REPETITIVE LIFE creating a trance like state of being. It’s easy to see then that after a while, in some ways we become unconscious to our very own existence. Life becomes mundane.

How many times have you gone somewhere and at some point, realized you weren’t even conscious of getting there? Or gone through a day without really being present to it? Not really.

In time, we all become unconscious to much of life. Patterns, thoughts, actions just repeat themselves over and over as if on a production line – our life becomes a trance-like state of being.


Living in a robotic state robs you of the true experiences of life. We begin to miss all the nuisances that make life magical and that allows us to grow and expand.

That is why you must CHANGE things up!

To break the pattern of unconscious living, you must FORCE yourself to do things differently.

Here are some suggestions that will WAKE you up and force you into consciousness, the realm where real life and conscious awareness takes place.


1. Set your alarm at different times – if you always wake up at 7:00, try setting a few days to wake up at 6:30 or 7:30.

2. Get out of bed on the opposite side – do you always get up from the left side or the right side? Switch it up. Ok, I know that it might be hard if there is someone on the other side that you would have to climb over in order to do so, but if this is an option, it’s a good one.

3. Brush your teeth in a different location

4. Take a shower with your eyes closed – this will really create gratitude for your sight

5. Listen to completely different music than you would normally listen to – develops appreciation for other forms of music or it will deepen that for your current preferences

6. Take a completely different route to work or to the store – there is a scenery you never see by going the SAME route each time – take in the new sights

7. Write something with the opposite hand – each day, write a word or a phrase with your opposite hand and force your brain to be used differently

8. Wear a color you would normally NOT wear – see what happens when you switch out of your blacks or darks for a vibrant green or red. Colors have differing energies

9. Move the furniture in your space – create a different view and change the vibrational energy

10. Change where you eat – do you always sit in the same chair for every meal? Try rotating and sitting somewhere different throughout the week.

You might ask “WHY?”. Why change things up?

Because when you do any one of these suggestions above or any other way you can find to CHANGE things up, you are bringing yourself back into conscious living. You are moving from a pattern of unconsciousness (doing things strictly by repetition) into being really present to the activity. Your brain will need to FOCUS on the activity since it’s no longer being performed by rote.

When you are deliberate about remaining conscious, you are not only able to experience life more fully, see and hear things you would normally miss while you are ‘entranced’, you also open yourself up to learning new things by virtue of being present to them.

Change things up, take a new class, start a new program, join a new group, read a different kind of book, begin a new project… its in the NEWNESS of the action that your mind wakes up and brings you all the benefits of being fully alive!!!

Here’s to your awakening!!!

Love and blessings!

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