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Searching for the Excellence Within

An image of excellence
Can you find your own Excellence

Let me ask you a question,

When you think of excellence, who's the first person that comes to mind? Is it you? If not, why not? Maybe you need to change how you view yourself! We all should view ourselves as excellent people.

You should start each day expecting only the best from yourself. You can do this by putting your best foot forward and being the best you can be in every part of your life. Practicing being your best each day can soon turn into a rewarding habit!

If you feel that striving for excellence is a lot of work, you'll be happy to discover that you can easily use techniques to integrate the process into your everyday life.

Discovering the excellence within you can be easier than you think it might be.

It starts with - Overcoming Self Doubt

Most of us doubt ourselves way too much. Is your self-doubt stalling your search for excellence? To find out, answer the following questions:

• Do you find yourself doubting whether or not you can live up to your own or other people's expectations?

• When you can do great things, does something stop you from following through and doing them?

• Does your negative internal dialogue keep you from enjoying your successes?

If you are nodding your head and answering Yes to these questions, using affirmations can silence the doubt and give you the confidence to embrace your own excellence.

How Can Affirmations Help?

Affirmations are simple statements that prompt you to move forward and embrace behaviors or attitudes you desire. As you repeat them, they are slowly replacing the negative belief stored in your subconscious mind. Repetition is the key to installing new and empowering beliefs into the subconscious, where 95% of our actions are determined.

For example, affirmations for success allow you to reprogram the way you think about success and how you relate to success. Success affirmations let you replace self-doubt with statements like "I see each success throughout my journey" or "I am on the path to great success."

When you learn to use affirmations, finding success can be as simple as saying, "I am already a winner!"

Many people who use affirmations for success consider these statements to be self-fulfilling prophecies. You reaffirm the phrase and make it real every time you say it aloud since repetition embeds them into the subconscious.

Even if you're too hard on yourself because you're a perfectionist, or if you don't believe in yourself, you can teach yourself to see excellence in everything you do. The great thing about this mind reprogramming is that it doesn't have to cost money. Many people buy books and work with a counselor or coach to change their lives, but if success still eludes them, they blame the books, counselors, or coach. But do you know the real reason why things stay the same for them?

Their life doesn't change because they don't affirm what they learn. Their thought processes don't change, and therefore their views of life and self don't change. They continue to confirm the old thought pattern rather than the new and empowering belief about themselves and what's truly possible.

Suppose you genuinely want to change your life. In that case, affirmations are your key to unlocking your excellence in addition to learning about your mind, how it works, which of your beliefs are most hindering you, and replacing them with those that will support you in expressing your excellence.

The Affirmation Process

How do you use affirmations to change your life? Follow these steps:

1. Obtain a list of affirmations.

2. Choose the ones that speak to your heart the most and best shift your limiting beliefs.

3. Repeat them out loud at least three times a day and more often if possible.

4. Apply them to your life every day.

You can reaffirm these statements when you search for excellence for a boost of confidence or give you the courage to take the right actions for your success. Remind yourself that you are a source of excellence, and you don't need to find it elsewhere.

Affirmations take time to take hold, so start now and then develop the habit of using them daily - that will be how results begin to show up.

You have the potential to do great things!

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