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Cleaning our 'Mental' House

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

My father died last May 😪; I hope he has reunited with my mother who died several years ago. Now that they are both gone, leaving behind 80+ years of accumulated ‘stuff’, it became our job to determine its future.

Going through a jam-packed house to clear it for a future sale is a huge undertaking. After 4+ months of weekly work, I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have gone through something similar or prepared a house to sell like I am, you know the painstaking process of going through every nook and cranny. Sorting through clothes, Knick knacks, furnishing and items held dear to another is a time-consuming and sometimes extremely emotional process.

Each item must be looked at, evaluated, and a decision must be made as to its future.

  • Do we keep it and bring it forward with us?

  • Is there someone else in the family that could best utilize this?

  • Is it broken, unusable or otherwise ready to be disposed of or repurposed by someone else?

Everything must be looked at and run past the basic questions:

  1. Do we Keep it?

  2. Do we repurpose it?

  3. Do we give it away?

  4. Do we toss it?

It dawned on me as I was going through this process that developing ourselves into more evolved, more conscious, stronger, and more authentic human beings (personal development) takes us through a similar journey and process.

We must evaluate our ‘internal house’ and make decisions that will serve our growth and expansion.

Each thought, belief, habit, perspective, and decision creates how we FRAME our life and is the framework by which we LIVE. Everything we FEEL, DO and EXPERIENCE is governed by this version of ourselves.

Change (expansion, growth, evolvement) happens when we up level the elements that create our reality.

In this way then, we must scrutinize the thoughts we have, the beliefs we hold, the habits we perpetuate, the decisions they lead to and the actions they inspire within us.

We must ask:

  • Where did this come from?

  • When did this get created?

  • Is it mine or was it put on me?

  • Does it serve me, or does it limit me?

  • Is there a new, more empowering way to look at or experience this?

The process is time-consuming and can sometimes be painful or bring up emotions needed to be processed. It is also much more productive to do so with assistance from another lest we miss a corner or two if we go it alone.

As we CLEAN our MENTAL HOUSE, get rid of what no longer serves us and bring in new, clearer and more empowering elements, we begin to experience ourselves in a fresh new light.

We begin to see clearly where there was once uncertainty or fear. We let go of the energy that kept us stuck in old or unhealthy patterns and replace them with love and clarity. We start to express in a more authentic and lighthearted fashion and begin to see a fuller experience of life and events as they dance with our new and improved energy.

Life is all about what we bring TO IT! Sometimes we need to CLEAN OUT and bring a new and fresh version of ourselves so that our light and true self can shine through allowing life to respond in kind.

Let’s face it, we either carry a trunk full of stuff with us along through life and feel the weight and burden it creates or purge out all the old and keep only what is good, right, just and that positively adds to our fullest experience of life.

We cannot soar into our future if we are weighed down by our past or what is old and obsolete.

Wishing you a happy clearing so you can soar!!!

P.S. If it's time for you to PURGE, CLEAR, and ELEVATE and would love help through the process of creating new beliefs, habits, and paradigms, click HERE to schedule a free strategy session to explore how I can help you.

Life is short and fleeting, you may as well SOAR through it 💕

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