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The Down Side of 'Knowing'

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

It sounds a little silly to say that there is a downside to 'knowing' right? Well, let me explain...

Our mind is like a sponge, able to take in so much information that it's virtually mind-boggling when we really stop to think about how much we can really learn and retain. With an OPEN mind, we can continue to add more and more information and facts and assimilate it all into new insights, perspectives and ideas.

BUT, the minute you say "I know this", your brain closes and is no longer receptive to new information.

Think about it. When was the last time you read something, saw something or heard something and your brain said "I know this already..."? What did you do next? You probably stopped listening or stopped reading or watching. In other words, your mind began to close to the idea that there may be more 'new' information to take in. The mind closed and you missed out on what MORE there was for you to learn in that scenario.

There is a passage in the Bible, it says "Come to me as a child". I love that statement. Why? Because a child is curious, open to hearing and learning, and rarely closes down because he thinks he already KNOWS. They have a desire to know more and to learn new things.

Being open-minded like a child is a winning attitude to take into life. It keeps you open to exploring the nuances in EVERYthing and in so doing, knowledge becomes DEEPER and more FULL.

In EVERY thing, there is always more to learn, more to know, different ways to look at it, higher perspectives. If we remain open, we have the benefit of that added information.

I learned this early on in my personal development journey and it has been a lesson that has stayed with me for 35+ years now.

I approach life, and all situations, like a child. I listen as if I have never heard, I watch as if I had never seen. Why? Because in this way I learn more, I learn deeper, I explore the nuances that takes superficial knowledge into a deep knowing, while remaining open to MORE.

I will read books 5,6 or more times. I listen deeply each time and always hear more that I did not hear the first time. Like the movie you allow yourself to watch a second, third or fourth time and each time you are surprised and the pieces you MISSED the first or second or third time around. Right?

That's probably why I repeat books, events, seminars all with the open mind of a child and, I always come away with MORE.

Try it out; see what more you gain from life and situations if you approach life that way, with a child-like curiosity and suspending the "I already know this" belief.

Approach life from a child's perspective, always eager to see, hear and learn MORE of what life has to teach you. Push away that voice that says "I already know this" and allow yourself to BE with that MOMENT and that information as if you had NEVER been there before and I guarantee, you will find MORE that you have missed the other times around.

Wishing you a life of MORE ❤

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