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​Eliminated worry

Crushed self-doubt

Deepened self-love

Increased Abundance

And Experienced her

TRUE Awesomeness


I help Professional women

develop the confidence to fully & freely express their 

Awesomeness and Unleash REAL SUCCEESS

Because life is too precious to live it ordinarily!

The key to success requires
a Customized  Plan

The Awesome


Monthly Membership Program

An online monthly membership to provide all the inspiration, guidance, challenges and championing that keeps your mindset positive and you feeling loved and supported to live your best life. 

Find your Awesome 


8 Week Online Program

A self-paced home study course to deepen your understanding of self, rewriting your past, creating new habits and create new results. This delivers a transformation from the inside and will yield a stronger, more vibrant self. 



4 Month Group Coaching

A guided exploration of the deep dive online program but delivered in a group coaching setting with bi-weekly calls for discussion and coaching around the topics covered. The team environment adds depth and insight to the learning process.

I understand what it's like to not believe in yourself,
I've been there too.

I've overcome crippling self-doubt after 26 years of daily abuse.

And because I've overcome it, I know you can too and I know how to help you do that.

Over the course of my 35 year career, I have invested over $225,000 in training, certifications and self-education. I received my coaching certification from CTI (Coaches Training Institute).

Working with me saves you Time and Money

Time because I have distilled down what has taken me 35 years to learn.

Money because you won't need to pay what it cost me to learn what I will be teaching you.

I have helped numerous professional, high-achieving women overcome self-doubt and turn around their professional life, their relationships and overall quality of life.

When you say yes to working with me, I want you to know... I am all-in!! I want you to succeed!!
My promise to you
 I will walk this path with you and help you feel heard, seen, championed, inspired and expanded.

My ultimate goal is for you to know, in your heart, how truly fantastically, amazing you are.

From that place, you will create not just a good life, but an

Awesome Life!

Want to:


upgrade your mindset?

I've got your back!

Just download  MY FREE TOOLKIT

I created just for you  

Success is 80% MINDSET

and 20% skill!

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Rave Reviews

Happy Clients

Dr. Mercedes Rundle

Clinical Psychologist

One of most effective & profound coaching experiences of my life. Elena opened the door to my heart & and my soul...re-establish purpose and direction.

Dr. Shannon Chidlow


Elena helped me completely change my life, be real and present. saw more in me than I saw in myself. ALL  areas of my life have shifted for the better... finding more balance and peace in my life.

Shari Clark


Coaching with Elena has significantly impacted all areas of my life. It has helped me uncover a more authentic self and released me from fears I never realized were holding me back. I am living more genuinely and satisfying than I ever imagined. 

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Let's connect and discuss

Making your Life Awesome!

during this complementary conversation you will get some insight as to how to move forward from your situation.
AWESOME Life Strategy Session
45 min

I look forward to talking with you!