Has your fear become stronger as you set bigger goals for yourself?

Does that inner doubt scream to you so loud at times that you feel like giving up the dream?

Don't let insecurity or self-doubt leave you discouraged and rob you of your dreams. That part that feels the FEAR is not the real YOU anyway.

Let me SHOW you who you are and what you are REALLY capable of.

I help entrepreneurial Women

eliminate internal struggle

without investing

excessive time and money

so they can finally claim the success

and joy that is meant for them


​Is this YOU?




​Eliminated worry

Crushed self-doubt

Deepened self-love

Increased Abundance



You're tired of feeling insecure, of doubting yourself and of holding back from what you're really capable of.

You have worked too hard to even consider giving up on your dreams.

Life is too precious to live it ordinarily.


You are too capable not to have the success you've been working towards


You deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work and share the blessings of your success with those you love


Empowerment in 3 simple steps


Discover the faulty programming

Your beliefs are running the show

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Rewire and upgrade your mindset

when you see the truth, your thoughts will transform

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Create & execute a new plan for success

New thoughts, new actions, new results

I understand what it's like to not believe in yourself,
I've been there too.

I've overcome crippling self-doubt from 26 years of daily abuse.

And because I've overcome so much, I have helped many women overcome their limitations

and renovate their lives & results; I know how to help you too.

Working with me saves you Time and Money

Time - because I have distilled down what has taken me 35 years to learn.

Money - because you won't need to pay what it cost me to learn what I will be teaching you.

Dr. Mercedes Rundle

Clinical Psychologist

"One of most effective & profound coaching experiences of my life. Elena opened the door to my heart & and my soul...re-establish purpose and direction..."

Dr. Shannon Chidlow


"Elena helped me completely change my life, be real and present. She saw more in me than I saw in myself. ALL areas of my life have improved... I am finding more balance and peace in my life."

We Respect Your Privacy

The key to success requires
a Customized  Plan

because you are uniquely special

The Awesomeness Tribe


A Continuity & Community

An online, virtual community of like-minded women who desire to grown, expand, and be nurtured. You will be coached, inspired, guided, challenged, and championed to expand the way you see and feel about yourself and about what's possible so you step into living your best life. 

The ''Awesome You"



Signature Program

The most comprehensive Personal Transformation course that will blow your mind. It will deepen your self-knowing, show how your past shapes your current reality, and help you rewrite your story, develop new habits, and create new results. You will transform from the inside and meet a YOU, you never thought possible. 

The Becoming Awesome


5 Month, V.I.P. 1:1 coaching

A tailored, one-on-one weekly virtual relationship where you will explore all that you are, look at all areas of your life, gain clarity of how and why you are, process past and current experience, and learn a completely different version of yourself to bring forth in the creation of your deepest dreams.

Do You Want to:

Remember how truly awesome you are & end self-doubt in 3 easy steps?


I've got your back!

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Remember, Success is only 20% skill  but  is 80% MINDSET!