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6 Ways To a Fresh Start

Have you ever thrown your hands up in the air and declared that something must change?

When you find yourself back at the same place again and again, maybe a fresh start is in order.

I have always heard it said that in order for your life to change, YOU must change.

And that makes perfect sense because WHO you are, HOW you look at things, WHAT you do and WHAT you believe are the ingredients that have created YOUR life.

While your current situation may be challenging, the intention of making a fresh start is the perfect place to begin because EVERYTHING in life begins when we DECIDE that it will. Until then, it’s all excuses and justifications and a continuation of ‘what is’.

So, what needs to change for you?

Is it just one area of your life or do you need a complete makeover?

Here are some things that you might want to consider.

You can make a fresh start in any area of your life:


Consider giving your living arrangement a makeover; your physical space affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The effects a home make-over, cleaning or purging can have on you are amazing. You could buy a new home that has those things (ideal location, more space, safer) your current one is lacking. Finding the ‘right’ area or home can make the difference between a life of stress and one that is more peaceful and rewarding. However, at times, just merely moving or updating your furniture, de-cluttering or painting your walls in a different color might do the trick. The idea here is to minimize what you are currently tolerating in your physical environment because doing so drains you of precious energy.


Your finances are another area that can greatly rob you of much-needed energy and improving this area will have far-reaching benefits. Begin by taking a very clear and honest assessment of your spending and determining what specifically needs to change. You could then start by creating a budget. You could focus on increasing your money flow by way of a higher-paying job or maybe working a second job. You could talk to a financial advisor and get specific recommendations. Address your debt. Plan for your retirement.

Look at your current financial challenges and finally address them with a detailed, step-by-step plan you can stick to.


It’s time to say goodbye to the people in your life that drag you down and replace them with those that provide a boost to your life. They say that your life is a sum total of the 5 people who you spend the most time with; chose them wisely. Your friendships and acquaintances affect you more than you know. Meet new friends that elevate you and try a few new social activities. Work on your dating skills and attracts the partner of your dreams.


Probably the one area where your energy is most affected is in your physical state. Take a good inventory of how you’re doing in this area. Hire a personal trainer or health coach and join a gym. Find a diet that works for you. Address any health issues you might have. Visit the doctor and the dentist. Try a new sport.


Another area where we spend so much of our time that it just doesn’t make sense to be in the wrong one day in and day out. Determine if you are really where you should be by really checking in. Your deeper self knows the answer to this question. Do you need to ask for a raise? Ask for better opportunities or do you need to be somewhere completely different? Grab your career by the horns and learn new skills that will make a difference. Consider going back to school or starting that business you’ve been dreaming about.


Your beliefs govern much of your life; have you assessed yours lately? Do you belong to the right communication that supports how and what you really believe? Maybe it’s time to investigate a new religion or philosophy. Perhaps you could learn how to meditate (the benefits of which are unbelievable). Question your beliefs and find a purpose. Read a good book each month and apply what you learn.

These are just a few ideas. You can also address your current relationships, attitude, or fears. It isn’t necessary to change everything at once. In fact, addressing one area at a time will yield better results.

Useful tips for changing your life:

1. Develop systems that support your desired change. For instance, if you want to meditate daily, create a schedule that ensures you’ll be compliant. Use a timer so you won’t worry about spending too much time or falling asleep.

2. Visualize the change. See yourself with a healthy body or bank account. Allow yourself to feel successful and proud. Project yourself into the future and enjoy the changes you’ve made.

3. Be willing to fail from time to time. It’s not easy to change. In fact, your brain is highly resistant to change. You’re doing well enough to be alive, and that’s good enough for your brain. It views any change as potentially dangerous, so it’s not going to allow you to change easily. Expect that you’ll struggle during the process.

Commit to persevering. Success will be yours.

4. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate each victory, no matter how small. Give yourself a pat on the back when you deserve it. Any progress is great news, so enjoy it.

The decision to make a fresh start is exciting. Give careful thought to the changes you want to make. It’s a mistake to believe that any change is a good change. There are many changes you could experience that are worse than your current situation. Make conscious decisions rather than clinging to the first log that floats by.

Making a fresh start can result in a new and exciting experience. Aim high and be diligent. You’ll be glad you did.

To your beautiful life!

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