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Life Happens FOR you

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Everything happens for a reason and serves us!

Life happens. One event after the other. Some events take us to a delightful place while others can rock our world. What you make them mean, however, has all the power over you.

No one is immune to crisis; events that turn our world upside down can happen at any turn.

But what if you believed that everything happens FOR you and served you in some grander picture for your life?

I learned that many years ago from the work I did with Tony Robbins. Back then this notion, that life happens FOR me rather than TO me was quite hard to swallow. My life was riddled with pain and unwanted events. How was I to believe that those would serve me?

In time I did just that; I embraced each occurrence as a lesson I was meant to go through in order to learn a deeper lesson that would move me forward and evolve me.

Tony Robbins explains that our mind is a question-answering machine; it is designed to derive an answer to whatever questions you pose.

When you ask yourself “why does this keep happening to me?”, it’s positioned from a victim mentality that believes life has turned against you somehow. Your brain will begin to create answers to why you are being victimized or punished by the occurrences that surround you. You will create answers to that question and NONE of those answers will serve to help you through it and move you forward. Quite the contrary; whatever you come up with will only serve to deepen the discomfort and keep you entrenched in self-pity, anger or any other destructive emotion.

If, on the other hand, if you ask, ‘What is this event trying to teach me” or, said another way, “what is the lesson in this situation?”, your brain will literally search for a deeper meaning for the occurrence.

If you truly want to find the meaning that does serve you, that does contribute to how you will process and move past this event, you WILL in fact find it.

I have put this to the test with events that would otherwise be very difficult to see as lessons or having any positive angle of any kind but I assure you, each time I remained in that contemplative place of asking that question, I always found a positive meaning. That revelation empowered me to move past it quicker and to see the value it served in my life.

So, I challenge you…next time something goes awry in your life, instead of shifting into a mentality that keeps you victimized, search for the possible hidden lesson that’s being brought forward for you to see or learn something. In this way, all events in your life will be received from a powerful and empowered place whereby you can learn the lesson and more quickly move on to future ones (because there will be future ones – I assure you of that).

Either way, you get to choose whether you want to remain in the dis-empowering energy of victimization, arguing why what happened shouldn’t have happened OR you can choose to be empowered by the notion that a lesson is being played out by which you will grow and expand into a higher version of yourself.

I for one will always choose the latter. I chose the other way and honestly, it just keeps you stuck in a loop of self-pity.

To your empowered life!!

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