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Regaining Control

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

If you're feeling a bit out of control these days, I want you to know that's perfectly normal.

With all the uncertainty we're facing it's easy to be overwhelmed as our brain tries to grapple with how to keep us safe. When this happens, you may feel like a boat floating out at sea without a sense of direction and this can feel scary. Uncertainty robs the primal brain of the ability to feel it has all possible scenarios figured out and planned for - our survival instinct requires we have a course set and the variables all accounted for.

We feel pain, uncertainty and a loss of control when we are unwilling to accept the facts about any situation we find ourselves in.  

Once you bring yourself to the acceptance of 'what is', you are then able to move into the state of influence where you begin to look at what you DO have control over and swing into action to create the best outcome possible for yourself.

Here is a suggestion of how you might shift your state from feeling out of control or overwhelm to being back in the captain seat of your life again:

1. Get a piece of paper

2. Write down ALL the things that are swimming in your thought and that you cannot control

3. Make a comprehensive list. Getting it ALL down on paper is therapeutic. It releases the energy of the thought as you're giving it a place to live (on the paper). Your brain stops holding on to it so firmly.

4. When the list is completed, do a releasing ceremony.

Releasing exercises can be extremely powerful!

5. As you repeat a mantra,

I release all things I cannot control!

tear this paper or burn it as a symbol of releasing. This is a powerful exercise at the level of emotions and also at the level of imprinting on your brain what you no longer want it to hold on to or focus energy on.

6. It's time to focus on what you CAN control. Make a list of everything you could possibly do to move yourself forward. Make it comprehensive. The longer this list, the more you impress on your brain how much power and control you do have in your life.

7. Transfer some of these actions onto your to-do list or calendar and step into action.

As you take these steps above, you step into being the captain of your life again. You will restore a sense of strength and personal power, setting your sail towards your desires and be reminded once again that you are always the captain of your ship.

P.S. Having a mentor to guide you through uncertain times can be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Through a guided approach, learning new skills and looking deeply into yourself, you can put yourself on a whole new trajectory for your life.

Click HERE to schedule a chat with me - let's explore what's truly possible for you when you take control of your life's steering wheel.

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