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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Friend, when you look in the mirror do you really see YOU? Nope, I'm guessing you don't... not the REAL you anyway. Let me explain...

Most of us do not really see ourselves for who we really are, in our true potential. We see the US that has been growing up with the ideas, thoughts and beliefs that have been instilled in us since we were children. We look and see the US that is a sum total of all our life experiences, inherited fears, resulting in doubts and inaccurate belief systems that have been forming around us and blocking our true essence and full potential.

Ego forms in response to our painful experiences and create a false US in an attempt to protect us. Unfortunately, we carry this ego into adulthood where the original threats no longer exist yet, we still believe and fear the threats and react to them as if they were real.

Ego creates separation from others because it is separated from your genuine nature.

I know because this used to be me. And in my 35+ years of personal development, I have met a thousand MEs. Beautiful souls hidden behind their life's drama and impersonated by their ego.

It is only when we look with different eyes, take the time to understand and heal the hurt, scrutinize and transform our erroneous beliefs that we begin to pierce the armor of our facade we carry around called our Ego.

What if you could look in the mirror and see through to your soul? What if fear was gone along with the need to protect yourself from perceived threats? What if you saw yourself for who you really are, intimately connected to your skills, talents, dreams and callings? What if you no longer looked to everyone else for everything you need but rather take responsibility for your results because you recognize that you are infinitely more than you ever imagined?

How different would your life be?

It would be transformed, that's what it would be! I know because mine has been as has the lives of many I have seen go through the personal transformation process.

Ego is all about GETTING - it needs to be validated, liked, affirmed, heard, seen and on and on. Your soul, on the other hand, is self-sufficient and it receives back the love, compassion and care it gives to others. Your soul is self-sustaining and exists only to GIVE.

Our own self-knowledge allows us to understand others and to be with those that are still in the bonds of their ego. Compassion becomes our primary responsibility and we walk through life open, honest and in a joyful expression of all that we are.

This is what I want for everyone and especially for you. Life does NOT have to be so difficult but EGO keeps it so.

When ego is eradicated, all that is left is love and you can move forward in life and get on with your purpose for being here. THIS is my wish for you!

I wish you love and I hope that you will do the work to reveal your true essence so that, when you look in the mirror you'll see, with eyes wide open, the beauty, magic and potential that was breathed into you when you were created ♥.

If you are ready for this beautiful process of self-discovery... I can help. Click here and let me answer all your questions (because I know you have many).

Much love ♥,

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