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What it really takes to heal emotional pain

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

If you're a human being then you know emotional pain - at least on some level.

All of us have experienced it and some of us have lived it, repeatedly. The severity and duration can differ from person to person but the pain is pain.

If you're like me, and most others, we approach emotional pain through our intellect. Our brain tries to make sense of what we're feeling, find the reason, rationalize it and explain it away or find a solution for it.

But you need to know...

You cannot heal emotional pain THROUGH your intellect!! 😮

Read that again!!! No book, tape, conversation, seminar, workshop or anything else that uses the mind/intellect will ever resolve your emotional pain/struggle. It will help you grow and evolve, but the emotional pain can never be healed this way.

In order to HEAL it, you need to FEEL it.

I've spent 35 years learning this and healing my trauma and now understand it at a deep, deep level.

To support others who want/need to heal in this way, I've created a unique process called DUO;

a method that is both belief and behavior-based. It addresses the skill set and mindset you need to understand and heal emotional patterns so you are free to express your higher potential. The 3 step approach will help you uncover blocks and emotional pain, eliminate them and release your true inner strength.

This method is called DUO and is an acronym for the 3 steps I take you through.


Incorporating specific exercises and visualization techniques, we will look down inside your experiences, your past, your childhood. There we will uncover the source of your inner pain and villain that is robbing you of your strength and confidence. Knowing this gives you great power and the ability to separate who you are now from the experiences and emotions that are creating doubt in your life and stopping you from your greatness.


Tapping into your highest self, through visualizations and various methods, you will discover your true strength and what's truly possible for you; from this place, you will create a completely different vision for your life and I will teach you how to live from that place.


To further strengthen you and give you deep inner peace, you will learn the power of community and spiritual practice. When you incorporate these in your life, you will know that you are always guided and are never alone. This will be an enormous source of strength for you.

(NOTE: this is NOT a religious practice and can fold into whatever beliefs you hold. If you are extremely religious and not open to new concepts, or if you are not spiritual and are NOT open to this concept then I am probably not the right coach for you.  I believe a spiritual practice and connection to a community is paramount for a successful personal and professional life.)

I accept clients into this program by evaluation only, because it is not intended to deal with ANY medically diagnosed conditions such as clinical depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, or any other mental health conditions.

This is NOT therapy - it's a unique approach to understanding our primary make-up and tapping into our complex nature in order to heal and evolve.

Self-awareness and love can help you heal anything as it has me.

You can discuss your feelings ad infinitum but you will never heal them unless you do the 'right' inner work. And when you do, you evolve at a completely new level with much more love and compassion for yourself and others.

You have a right to be free from emotional bondage and to lead with your heart and spirit.

If you're ready to learn more about this or other ways in which I can support you, schedule a complementary chat with me so we can evaluate if my services are the solution you've been looking for.

You can go HERE to schedule our chat.

Life is short and meant to be lived at the highest level. Don't let emotional pain or faulty thinking rob you of your right to be fully expressed. The greatest work you will ever take on is the work to fully understand, love and integrate yourSELF! Give time to your personal development.

I wish you much love, peace and light and for you to soar to your highest heights.

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