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What you Seek, Seeks YOU!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Have you noticed that the things you desire to be or do are very closely related to what matters most to you in life? I love to write; I love to support people in their growth, in being the best they can be. Therefore, my desires, my vision, have always been about these types of activities. I have never desired to find a cure for cancer or discover buried artifacts or paint some amazing piece of artwork; that's just not what I'm about.

Look deep into the desires of your heart; they were put there as a compass to guide you to what your life was meant to be.

You, like most of us, may shrug off your desires to ‘be’ or ‘do’ as mere wishful thinking because you are afraid of what it would take to ‘make it so’. However, you are not given an inner direction without also having the personal resources to carry it out. It just does not work that way. If you have a deep longing to paint, it is because you are meant to paint. If you have a strong desire to teach children, it is because you are meant to teach children. If you gravitate towards singing, it is because you are meant to sing. Your desire and passion will always be stronger than anything you can learn about your calling. Desires that are your calling will never go away - they will continue to call you forward.

They don’t call it ‘Your Calling’ for nothing, do they?

And who is calling you to ‘do’ or ‘be’?

It is your very soul, your very being!

So the next time you feel that inkling, that pull, that desire speaking to you for the umpteenth time, listen to it! It is your soul nudging you. Know that somewhere, deep inside of you, you already have all that it takes to accomplish that desire or it would not be in your heart in the first place. Now go and claim your desire and enlist all of your resources to make it a reality, only then will you know you have fulfilled your destiny.

Don't worry if you don't know HOW it will be accomplished, just hold the desire in your heart, trust you are being guided and take small steps towards that desire. The universe will align for you to achieve it. People will come into your life, situations will present themselves and that path to IT will emerge over time. Your job is to see that calling as BEING HERE NOW, having already manifested for you. Step into to it, see yourself there, feel what it will feel like when you are.

Listen to your heart. Listen to that desire that resurfaces from time to time. Listen to those thoughts, those vivid ideas about ‘who’ or ‘what’ you long to ‘be’ or ‘do’. It is your soul speaking to you.

Ask yourself…

• What are my recurring desires or dreams about what I want to be or do in my lifetime?

• Why are these desires or dreams important to me?

• What would my life be like if I actually succeeded in being or doing what I desire?

• If I am honest with myself, how do I already know that I can do this, that I am qualified?

• If I turn off these desires, these dreams, how will I look back on this at the end of my life?

• If these desires and dreams were not meant to be realized, then why would I have them?

Listen to your heart. It is the only part of humankind that always seeks and knows a profound truth and is never concerned with gaining but rather with giving.

Dismiss your head… it is the only part of humankind that always fears what it will lose, how it will be 'seen', and what it will have to give up.



Follow your heart, your inner calling, and BE who you were meant to be!!!

Let me know - what are you always dreaming of being or doing? I would love to know.

Give a heart if you liked this and if it made you think 🧡

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