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Why we're so attracted to Inspirational QUOTES

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Who doesn't like a good quote once in a while? I know I do. Not that I go searching them out, yet when one comes across one of my Social Media channels, and I particularly like it, I will share it.

That seems to be the norm.

A good quote can...

Effect us in various ways.

Let's face it... a good quote can elevate us, inspire us, unite us, uplift us, make us think. It provides that moment of inspiration when our motivation is lacking.

The power of a short statement, famous or otherwise, can set our focus for a moment, a day, a week, or leave a lasting impression. When our brain latches on to a particularly enticing quote, we may even turn it into a mantra and repeat it to ourselves often.

When we read a quote that 'catches' us, that grabs our attention in a real and sometimes physical way; it makes us stop and take notice. Our brain takes it in, like biting into a sweet fruit. It sinks its teeth into it, swishes it around, feeling the texture of it, tasting the sweetness of it, mulling over its depth and substance.

Unite us.

We are wired to belong, be part of a collective, and quotes can provide that. When we share a quote and others chime in, liking it, commenting on it, reflecting on its meaning for them, it can make us feel that we have found our tribe. It makes us think "I found my peeps" as we share a bond to the quote and its message. That quote has created a community for us. We have put our stamp of approval on it, and so have they, and in that way, we are united.

These perhaps are just some of the reasons quotes are exploding on online platforms. They connect us not only to friends and acquaintances but also to those not linked to us, like perhaps the elites, famous, and accomplished. In the sharing of our affinity to a quote, we have somehow entered into a similar circle.

Coach us.

We all face those moments when the best of our efforts fail us, and in those moments, a good quote can be the perfect reframing we need. It can create a whole new perspective for our current situation and give our brain a cheering on or a focus on 'what's possible' when we most need it. Much like a coach, it can create a shift in our mind and give us alternatives to focus on, leaving us feeling better and perhaps more understood.

Perhaps the state of our current world can explain the rise of motivational quotes’ growing popularity. The statistics are staggering. More than 50% of people interviewed have admitted feeling alone and isolated with the current pandemic undoubtedly pushing those numbers much higher. Our isolation has greatly impacted our collective interest in inspiring quotes.

The 'motivational quotes' social media endemic is spreading fast on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where there is no shortage of “profound” messages. They are so popular that for some, they have created a big business opportunity by monetizing viewership on quote websites.

Whatever it is that draws you to Inspirational Quotes, use it to your advantage. Allow your mind to be challenged, inspired, elevated. Let those words seep deeply into your subconscious and take hold like seeds in the spring and bring forth beautiful blooms.

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