Your Intelligence Makes You Invaluable

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Have you ever felt that you had nothing to offer…that you don’t have any special gifts or talents?

During times of frustration or despair, it’s common to feel ‘ordinary’. It can seem that everyone else is far more brilliant, beautiful & worthy of consideration. We’ve all experienced this at one time or another in our lives.

In times like these, take solace in the one thing that you can offer that no-one else can: your unique perspective.

Let no man imagine that he has no influence. Whoever he may be, and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and a power. ~~ Henry George

You see, nobody looks at the world the way that you do, nor thinks in exactly the same way. Your life experiences, challenges, struggles and triumphs have all contributed to your unique set of filters that determine your valuable perspective and personal intelligence.

Once you start to engage your innate intelligence, be it simple and from the heart or complex and of the mind, your unique approach and creativity begin to shine, and you become a beacon of brilliance.

You may be sitting on the one solution that no-one else can imagine, or you may hold just the right words to bring comfort and understanding to a tense situation. You never know until you trust your own uniqueness and start to apply your mind, your intelligent perspective and your creativity to something outside of yourself.

And sometimes, you don’t even need to EXPRESS your intelligence. Consider the CEO who sits with her team-leaders, encouraging their ideas until brilliance is born. By simply listening, caring and encouraging, you can change a life – and the world.

How will YOU influence the world TODAY?

To your uniqueness!


P.S. If life has made you forget how truly valuable and special you are, if you struggle to FEEL your unique contribution or doubt there even is one, I can help you rediscover your inner worth, strength and gifts to the world. Once you do so, your entire life shifts.

I’m here to help you. Take the hand I’m extending to you; don’t settle for living small. Why continue to doubt your own magnificence when you can look inward and find your greatness? I’m just a CLICK away :-). Let me help you!!

P.S.S.Please leave your comments below. Let me know if this information was helpful to you and if so, please pass it on and SHARE it with others!! You never really know who might need this message at this time.

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